Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Me, My Blog and I

So its nearly 4 weeks since I started my blog on my 1970's diet.  So what I have learnt about this weird virtual wittering world that I have entered into?

I've learnt to get to grips with 'gadgets' and 'badges' cross referencing my blog with my twitter account and joined blogging communities via mumsnet and britmums. I'm sure there are others but haven't come across them just yet.  I've followed other bloggers on twitter and briefly checked out their blogs.  After my initial excitement of having blog views from Russia and other foreign lands I came to realise that they weren't interested in the musing of a 37 year olds' diet but rather wanted to sell you some get rich quick scheme.

My  typos and spellings can be decidedly dodgy at times and I have a habit of using the same phrases.  I have come across the word "rant" a lot -  this seems to be the  in word in the blogging community. To have an opinion and voice it loudly is ranting. I don't think I am a ranter per say - I generally will pipe up about something I have a view on e.g my opportunity knocks post today went quite unexpectedly into perhaps X-factor is a modern day version of Roman Entertainment. Now this isn't something I'm pondering on a regular basis it pops into my head and leaves at the same speed it came in at.  The trouble with writing it down is it gives it more longevity than it would ordinarily have in day to day speaking.

I've had my first angry comment - a touchy subject which I'm sure will not endear me to many working mums who think I'm living in some ivory towers (not the case) but its my blog and I'll type if I want to.

I set myself a time limit on writing a post and adding pictures (30 mins max).  Although I can type at 120 wpm (like to brag about that RSIII level no less and shorthand which is redundant now) I have a house and toddler to take care of during the day and a to do list which isn't going to tick itself off. It is also a good reminder that actions speak louder than words so whilst I'm writing about sweat points I think - time to do some!

There's a mass of blogs out there some 11,500 million all wanting to get noticed no doubt.  My only objective when I started this blog was to lose weight and I am happy to say it still is.  Don't get me wrong in the first week I was totally Stats obsessed - checking them every 30 mins or so but the novelty soon wore off and now I'm much more sane about it all.  My husband is getting less of a blogger widow and normality is slowly returning although prior to turning the computer off at night I do announce that "I'm just gonna check me stats" to which he sighs and locks up.

So is it making me lose weight - absolutely yes! I write my food log, exercise log everyday. As lunch now takes about 5 minutes to eat I will now have a coffee and write instead of plonking myself down and delving deep into the treat cupboard.

What my grandparents would have made of this isn't anyone's guess I know for sure - what a load of claptrap, self-indulgent nonsense from the 'me time' generation and they'd be right!


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