Monday, 7 November 2011

The LBD diet

Well today at lunch, whilst eating my 1970's corned beef sandwich I flicked through the paper and came across the same old shitty articles they churn out every year.  The little black dress diet.  You too can get in a LBD dress for Xmas. I don't want to get into a LBD for Xmas because 1) it wouldn't be black in any event and 2) I have no where to wear it.  Even if I wanted to slim down for a particular event (which as I previously said I don't do dieting to order) I'm not going to follow your diet so STOP telling me what to do!

These articles just make me glaze over - every year its the same. They churn out a version of the same article throughout the year i.e lose the Xmas weight, the new bikini diet etc etc. You see the adverts just before Xmas - take M&S she's practically having an orgasm over the latest delightful offerings for Xmas. Cue New Year and M&S are selling you all their low cal diet meals.

I mean what would they write about if us ladies just maintained a normal weight - a whole billion pound industry would just die over night wouldn't it?  One day we're told to get baking, the next shift the weight.  It is in the companies interest for women to yo-yo diet - they encourage it. Take Special K for instance - eat this crappy cereal for 2 weeks, then gorge yourself silly on treats (more than likely made by the same company).  Come on ladies the companies that make you fat are the companies that sell you the diet stuff. Its a win, win situation for them.  Profits when you're fat and profits when you're slim.

Today they have 3 overweight 30 somethings all following the paper's diet - Day 1 eat this, Day 2 eat that blah blah - all hoping to lose 10lbs so they can dazzle everyone in their dramatic weight loss and get into a dress for Xmas.  You and I both know that as soon as the article has finished those dresses will be bursting at the seams once the Xmas party season takes full flight.  They're not going to continue the weight loss journey - as usual it'll be a quick fix for a long term problem.

As you were Tasha.

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