Friday, 11 November 2011

Keep on playing those Mind Games

Whilst watching a recording of Vintage TV (yes there is such a thing) amongst some very bad tracks of 1973 there were a few gems and this, my friends, was one of them. John Lennon in a rare video where he's been let out alone. What a beautiful TUNE (in facebook voice) and equally beautiful voice. Slade were very popular in the seventies and that god awful "Merry Xmas Everybody" number was Top of the Pops on my first Christmas.  I hate it with a passion, in particular, cue the bit he screams "its Christmas" its up there on my top 5 tracks I love to hate.

I do love a bit of Boney M it has to be said though - you can't beat it. Imagine my delight when it appeared on Wii dance 2.  Speaking of which I need to get moving - I'm behind on sweat points and need to cram a workout into my already busy day.  I have even had the time to make Mr 1970's a treacle pudding and chocolate flapjacks to make up for the lack of bread this morning.  I did not lick the bowl or do any of my normal quality control checks.

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