Sunday, 20 November 2011

Heartburn Centrale

That was me last night.  Whilst I did enjoy my day off the 1970's diet for my birthday (not as much as I thought I would as I do enjoy being hungry now) it gave me god awful heartburn.  I couldn't get to sleep for ages and was woken several times by the little fella - I eventually took him into the spare room and slept with him there. Not one to dish out any tea and sympathy, my husband remarked "I can't think why - you only had wine, cheese, chocolate, bacon and chorizo".  "I didn't go mad" I retorted right back at him. Define mad I thought to myself - masses of portions Diane Keaton style? Apparently she gorged herself on some 20,000 calories a day whilst dating Woody Allen so says her autobiography.  No way near that but I would definitely have consumed double, if not more, than a normal day on my 1970's diet. 

Come to think of it I did suffer with heartburn prior to my diet which obviously was down to my cheese fetish and general crap eating. Since I've been on this diet I haven't had any heartburn.

So for damage limitation I made sure I completed 3400 sweat points on the Wii and we also had a stroll round the woods today. I hate having to do exercise because I need to to counter balance food intake - this is something I was forever doing.  So whilst I had a lovely day yesterday I don't plan on having one like that for quite some time.

Time will tell if this has had a impact on my weight loss -that time will be tomorrow when I weigh in. See you then.

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