Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

...Happy Birthday dear Tasha, Happy Birthday to me.  Yes folks I am the grand sum of 38 years old today.  Now I'm not depressed that I'm definitely on the wrong side of 35 and hurtling towards the 40 mark and let me tell you why. Firstly, I prefer even numbers. I don't know why that is - it just is.  I preferred being 36 to 35, 26 to 25, 34 to 33 and I'm much happier being 38 than 37 so next year I won't enjoy being 39 but will much prefer to be 40.

I have noticed the emergence of a few grey hairs to the side - about 4 in total and I feel pretty good I've got to this age without them. I don't have to start dying my hair just yet.  I don't pretend I will go into older middle age skipping and dancing when the lines get deeper and when my eggs dry up completely. Even though I did say to my husband when I was 25 that "I would embrace old age" - he likes to remind me of this when I say "how old do I look?" "what does it matter, I thought you were going to 'embrace' old age" comes his reply.

There is nothing you can do about the year in which you were born. Old age comes to us all  - its my turn to step up. So that smug 20 something mum in the playground who exclaims "oh my god I'm going to be 26 in a few days - how old am I!"will, also, be in her forties one day - granted I'll be in my mid 50's by which point I would like to think I'd have let myself go completely. Remember that when your granny looked ancient even when she was in her 40's/50's? They dressed old for their age in comparison to today's roller skating 50 somethings. 50 is the new 30 we're told - no its not 50 is 50 and 30 is 30 get over it.

I also think that when I'm 70 I'll be wishfully thinking about the time I was young in my late 30's/40's. When you have meals and wheels visiting you and going out to the shops to talk to passers by for company - then you complain about old age and not before. 

It also helps that I married a man 10 years older than me so in his eyes (and words) I will be forever young.  That will do for me.


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sorry I missed this. Hope you had a brilliant day. You WILL be forever young. And if you're gets to be him looking after you in your old age, not the other way round!!!
    P.S. I am the twenty-something in the playground who goes on about age...but I'm always wanting to add a few years so I can fit in with the other mums a bit better (know I'll be taking that back in a few years though!)

  2. Thank you mummybigbum (what a screen name - love it!) - lol yes spare a thought for the 30/40 somethings although its not your fault we all had the kids a bit late in life. I think mid twenties is perfectd to start - If I'd met hubby earlier I would have loved to have 4 but I can't cut the sleepless nights anymore! txx