Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Fred for PM!  Since doing this blog I have become quite attached to 'Fred' the iconic (alright not quite god like) character that is associated with Homepride Flour. He was dreamt up by two Americans who pitched the idea to the company in 1965.  Here are some more interesting facts on the history of Homepride if you are interested - or not! 

You really know you are hitting the late 30's when you get excited about a 'Fred rolling pin' that you can purchase along with 1 token - coming to a home near me soon.  Oh and that little fella sitting on the counter will also, hopefully, be winging his way to my kitchen if no one outbids me on ebay.

The purpose of this post is not to focus on Freddie baby but more about bread.  Today the Daily Mail or the Daily Hate as its sometimes called (mind you we all still read it - its the paper equivalent of shouting at the telly) ran a 2 page article about us Brits and the decline in our consumption of bread since the mid '70's.  When we do eat bread we are eating bigger slices (erm old news fellas already said that at the start of my blog) some 20g more per slice by all accounts. 

The decline in sales has been put down to various faddy diets like the Duken and Atkins diet.. They are faddy people you aren't going to be staying on them for the rest of your life.  Even Slimming World which I was always a big advocate for, limits the amount of bread you can have, 28g but anything after that its massively 'synful'.  I really struggled with the concept of eating bread based on my previous trips to Slimming World - but look how that worked out for me!

It has become quite fashionable to diss bread (remember that school saying?). In fact, when I say I have a sandwich for my lunch I get a raised eyebrow and I can see them thinking "you're not going to lose any weight eating that stuff I can tell you".

I'd probably get more kudos if I said I'm having a Kit Kat Chunky and that is all for my lunch - I'm sure they'd buy into that if I came up with some old bollocks that it is X amount of calories and the sugar and fat content are perfect at lunchtime thus ensuring my metabolism works overtime ready for my next meal.  Yes I could have the 'Kit Kat Chunky diet' and it would be far more acceptable than 'Having a small sandwich for lunch diet'.

But I am losing weight and I am eating bread - wholemeal bread that is. I actually prefer it but I would have no problems eating the white stuff. 

Let them eat bread - not cake!

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