Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fitness DVD v Wii Dance

No I don't work for Nintendo or anything but I have to say I find the Wii Dance to be a fantastic weight loss tool.  Its just so much fun and the latest one (number 3) is the business.  I'm eagerly awaiting the Abba one that is due out soon - great '70's classics.

I managed to catch a bit of the programme This Morning (this morning) - this is a rare event and was only for 10 minutes I might add. Those that work like to think us SAHM (stay at home mum's for anyone that doesn't go on to baby sites) "sit around watching daytime telly all day long" but I hate to disappoint as my telly is rarely on in the day. Every now and then I desperately try and live up to that stereotype but fail miserably.  People have many goals in life, mine is to watch a film of my choosing without any interruption during the daylight hours. That is all.  My life would be complete.

For those who say that and believe me its the first thing that comes out of their bitter and twisted mouth can, quite frankly, DO ONE! They have no idea. Not a clue. I accept their failings and move swiftly on. I have no intention of rattling off what I achieve in the course of the day and night (there are no knocking off hours or finishing). Do they honestly think you can complete any mundane simple task in the home without stopping 15 times minimum? Anyway,  if it were that frigging easy and you are able to watch daytime telly, where are all the offers to have the children and do all the chores at the same time? Yes they're flooding in aren't they.  I digress.

I caught sight of Coleen Nolan one of the sidelined presenters on the show.  She is probably a very nice person and had a fitness DVD out a few years back.  She lost loads of weight, looked great for all of 10 mins and is now back to her size 18 self I would guess.  I have no aspirations to look like Coleen Nolan for those very reasons so would not be buying any fitness DVD she has made. That goes for any of the other minor celebrities who put on loads just so they can do impressive before and after pictures for the DVD. One such 'celebrity' even took dieting pills during training for their DVD.

The latest person in the running for a fat to fit DVD is Martine McCutcheon.  Paper reports suggest she has been told to put on more weight so that the before and after shots will look more impressive. These types of DVD's are a big con, highly deceptive and should be banned quite frankly. Trouble is the women buying them think "oh she's like me" and because they are a familiar face buy into all this bullshit. If I were to buy a fitness DVD then Davina, although highly irritating, would be a safe bet as she has been fit for a very long time and the gorgeous Cindy Crawford who still looks amazing.

But I'm not going to buy any fitness DVD as I'm quite happy looking at computer generated fake people rather than the human fake kind.

I didn't realise she's had 3 DVD's out! I rest my case

Coleen pictured this week
Coleen Nolan at the ITV studios London, England - 23.11.11 Coleen Nolan Picture 3625629 Contactmusic

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