Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Electric 6 - Danger ! High Voltage

This mad song by Electric Six plays in my head whenever the word 'danger' is uttered.  Just those four words -I doubt I will ever be able to say danger in my head without this track playing.  The more I write this blog the more I question the workings of my mind. Anyway onto danger,  yes there is a lot of high voltage in the world of dieting.  I view weeks/months as potential dangerous situations. Take this week for instance I have to negotiate copious amounts of cake and nibbles at 'chill and chat' (yes it is as great as it sounds basically I take my toddler to make friends whilst I chill and chat - or as my husband pointed out I chat and the mum's do the chilling). I am making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing topped with fondant horsey designs together with a horse's head shaped cake with much of the same. Then we have Fireworks night - potential sausage overload and on Sunday my sister and brother-in-law are coming to sample my cooking of steak, Guinness and Stilton pie with roast potatoes with steamed jam pudding for afters. 

The following week is more of the same, then my birthday and then the school Xmas fair where yours truly will make a gingerbread house covered in sweets and icing sugar. 

So, how will I do - the way I'm feeling at the moment I am confident I can easily negotiate this week. I shall take one week at a time.  I thought I'd also mention that I'm no good at dieting to order i.e fit into a new dress for night out, wedding, party etc.  Even for my own wedding in 2009 I wanted to be a stone lighter but I just can't do deadlines when dieting.  I also don't like anyone to notice I've lost weight as whilst this might spur some people on further it has the opposite affect for me - I think job done!  I've only shared this blog with a select few on facebook for that very reason.

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