Friday, 25 November 2011

Darn you Navy Lace Dress

Yesterday my cheapo clothes that I had ordered from Peacocks (the cheapo clothes store) arrived.  I had ordered a navy lace dress for my night out next week - they only had a 14 in the black lacey number which was a little ambitious at this stage so I thought the navy one would do.  In addition, I got 2 checked shirts - I never wear shirts but for some reason I thought that was a good idea too.

Well I tried the dress on.  I looked like a sack of spuds. It was horrendous. The material was that stretchy cheap kind with the lace over the top and was a nice dress if you had the figure for it.  I did not. I looked like I was 7 months pregnant. I still have that pregnant tummy thing going on where it starts from the top of your rib cage down to where a stomach once was.  So I now have to wear my 'fat going out outfit' for next weeks night out.  Its the same one I wore last year - the outfit is having its yearly trip out of my wardrobe.

It is a lacey black dress (theme going on here - lace is in fashion right?) which flares out and can be worn with every fat girls friend - a pair of black leggings coupled with another fat favourite, gold sparkly shoes. I will accessorise, glam up and will look fine but it just highlighted the fact I have only made a dip in the ocean with my paltry 10 lbs weight loss.  One of the shirts fitted and the other one would have caused someone an injury if the buttons pinged off unexpectedly. So today they are winging there way back to Peacocks.

Last night I made a Gingerbread house for the school - I am pleased to say I didn't stick one sweet on the house and then stick one in my gob.  I thank you.  However, today whilst out I kept thinking oohh I'd love a sausage roll (I never eat these) and other savoury delights.  I did not get a sausage roll and came home from the shops but I did have 2 packets of ready salted crips (133 cals each - not at once - I did make 2 trips) with my lunch. 

A normal person would have been spurred on by the dress rejection but not me I've eaten some crips (with my corned beef sandwich) that I wouldn't have ordinarily eaten or even wanted to eat on this diet. My focus has, by and large, been very good.  I have been up in the night most nights this week with the little fella and am tired and pre-menstrual.  All good reasons but also good excuses.

I am now going to do some serious Wii points and give myself a good mental beating. 

The Gingerbread House

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