Saturday, 19 November 2011

A day in the life....

....has to be my all time favourite Beatles track - heard it yesterday when I was off to get pummeled by my Osteopath.  I will speak of this more another time as today, I can hardly contain my excitement, we are off sans les enfants.  Now for those without children it is very easy to 'pop out' and come and go as you please. But for the rest of us it does require a military operation. In fact, the last time I 'popped out' was probably in 2003 so let me have this contained excitement if you please.

Yes, its my 38th birthday next week so I thought we'd go and have a walk around the shops.  Normally I run round with the buggy at break neck speed (I know I have 1 hour 30 mins max even with snacks and drinks to complete my mission) and plan the route so as to cram as many shops on my list as possible within that time frame. That's why, in general, I will get everything on line - apart from the stress induced trip I have just described above - there's really no other way to shop. 

Today will be different I'm going to stop, potter and mosey around.  For lunch we are having Tapas and wine so I will be off my 1970's diet for one day only.  Now I'm not going to go mad like I would normally do. A bit like if we've been invited to a wedding on our own - I think I'm 18 again and can knock back countless vodka and tonics (slimline of course makes all the difference). Its only when my teeth go numb, I start getting louder and louder, repeating myself just in case the poor person next to me hasn't heard and I start requesting man type drinks like Whiskey to finish the evening that it really is time to go home. There's nothing worse than having to look after 3 children when you are hung over the toilet seat with them saying "mummy are you ok?"  This is a rare occurance so please hold off that call to social services.  I rarely drink these days (1 small glass on a Saturday) and for those exact reasons.

I think a birthday treat is fine - I haven't had chocolate, crisps or anything of that nature for nearly 4 weeks. To be honest I haven't felt deprived in the slightest - I'm just going to enjoy my lunch today and get on that Wii tomorrow. 

Gone eating. Be back tomorrow.

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