Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bear Head

That's how I refer to my fat face - my bear head. I have curly hair and I always think to myself "look at you and your big bear head"!  If I ever get my hair straightened, which is once in a blue moon, my face looks even bigger. The daddy bear of all bear heads.

I am pleased to report that the bear head does seem to be reducing in size.  I can feel I have lost weight in my jeans (now down to one pair that fit as the other pair are literally worn out) and tops.  And it does appear a chin is emerging from the wilderness.  I know I've lost weight but how much?  I suppose 2lbs will be good but I so desperately want to say hello to the 13 stone's - its been a long time.

My husband says if you lost 1lb a week that's good enough and over the course of a year that's just over 4 stone.  But us dieters don't do logic like that - we just want the weight to come off and fast.  For my American and Canadian audience - yes very exciting I had 40 views from America (okay so there's a population of some 220 million but still) and I am also pleased to report I had the grand total of 9 views to my blog from Canada.  I should also give the 2 people from Russia a mention (don't ask me the population of this country but I'm sure its more than America) who looked at my blog. They may be looking up 1970's porn and accidentally hitting my site but then I reason why would anybody be looking up 1970's porn?! I mean neck scarves, dodgy music and way too much hair down below. Surely today's modern stuff is far more appealing.

Right sorry for lowering the tone - for my overseas audience who may or may not be visiting my blog out of a genuine interest in a 37 year old's weight loss programme there are 14lbs to one stone. And for my continental audience (2 from Germany) there are 2.2lbs to 1kg.  You do the math as I'm rubbish at it.

Until tomorrow.... Monday's weigh in.

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