Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Yes, I admit it, I am partial to the odd Rocky film. I used to watch them as a child (although I was only 3 when the first one came out in 1976 so probably watched it when I was slightly older).  Do you remember films took forever to come out on video/telly?

I liked the whole getting fit for the match storyline and Talia Shire's role as Adrian (she also stared in the Godfather films - my favourite box set of all time). There is a whole generation who get the running up steps, reaching the top and shouting "Adrian!" thing. Isn't it weird that anyone under the age of 25 would  have absolute no idea what an earth you were doing? Actually I stand corrected, those who have never watched the films wouldn't have a clue either!

There is a generation who only ever went into the sea going "nah nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah (I did my best to recreate it) there's a Shark!" They were, of course,  referring to Jaws (1975). If I come across this whilst flicking channels I cannot help but start to watch it. My husband groans "not Jaws" - I retort "ssshh its a classic"  I might try the whole "there's a shark" thing out on the kids and see if they get it. What do you think?

Well today I had my Rocky moment. I had practically no sleep last night as the little fella decided that as I told someone he was sleeping much better he wouldn't just to make a point. I have a friend, Emma, who has 3 small children and often trumps me on the no sleep front hands down. Yet she still manages to get out twice a week to go to Zumba.

So I adopted the Emma approach - just because you are exhausted there's no excuses for skipping exercise.  Its a lovely Autumnal day so I set off straight from school, Ipod on and pushed the buggy (the contents of which now weigh about 2 stone) up and down hills.  When I was at the bottom of the MASSIVE hill I turned the Rocky theme tune on and made may way to the top - calves burning, sweat pouring and gasping for breath.  I don't have people shouting "hey Tasha" or young children running behind me chanting my name mind you.  I am so triumphant when I do this walk I do actually want to start jumping around and waving my hands around in the air - trouble is the brake doesn't work on the buggy so I can only be Rocky in my head.

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