Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Freedom for Tooting!

And "power to the people" were the catch phrases of Citizen Smith the 1977 BBC comedy series starring Robert Lindsey. He played the character of "wolfie" who wanted to be a revolutionary like his hero Che Guevara but not in Cuba in Tooting, South London of all places! thought of this today when my daughter aged 5 said "the teachers have gone bowling haven't they mummy?" - the may all be in their local bowling alley for all I know but she was, of course, referring to today's public sector strikes.

I, for one, support them 100%. Why should they roll over and accept the latest offerings from this piss poor government?  I wouldn't want my 5 year old to be taught by a 68 year old teacher would you?  Isn't there enough young unemployed in this country (hiding in the student statistics - they were all shipped off to university so they can go undercover for a few more years).  The unions fought hard for workers to have rights - they made sure we got paid holidays way back when.  You'll probably be aware by now that my leanings are very much left if not verging on Communism (okay maybe not quite but the principle is sound and christian isn't it?).  I dislike the Tories immensely - granted all politicians on either side are all in it for themselves but this lot more so. David Cameron's lot are playing at being in power and will soon get bored and go back to their luxurious lifestyles. I hated Thatcher but he's really giving her a run for her money.  We all remember when she took our free milk in primary school, sold council houses so now we have a desperate shortage of social housing.  He is shutting public libraries and Surestart Centers. I mean I could go on and on and on but I won't as I have dieting to do and must remain focused at all times.

Today the kids are off, its all a bit hectic, my eldest son is in a strop over his haircut being way too short and the house is a tip. So I'm off to tidy and get in a bit of Wii dancing  - I am aiming to be in the 12 stone region by Xmas its a tall order (8lbs) but one which isn't mission impossible.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fitness DVD v Wii Dance

No I don't work for Nintendo or anything but I have to say I find the Wii Dance to be a fantastic weight loss tool.  Its just so much fun and the latest one (number 3) is the business.  I'm eagerly awaiting the Abba one that is due out soon - great '70's classics.

I managed to catch a bit of the programme This Morning (this morning) - this is a rare event and was only for 10 minutes I might add. Those that work like to think us SAHM (stay at home mum's for anyone that doesn't go on to baby sites) "sit around watching daytime telly all day long" but I hate to disappoint as my telly is rarely on in the day. Every now and then I desperately try and live up to that stereotype but fail miserably.  People have many goals in life, mine is to watch a film of my choosing without any interruption during the daylight hours. That is all.  My life would be complete.

For those who say that and believe me its the first thing that comes out of their bitter and twisted mouth can, quite frankly, DO ONE! They have no idea. Not a clue. I accept their failings and move swiftly on. I have no intention of rattling off what I achieve in the course of the day and night (there are no knocking off hours or finishing). Do they honestly think you can complete any mundane simple task in the home without stopping 15 times minimum? Anyway,  if it were that frigging easy and you are able to watch daytime telly, where are all the offers to have the children and do all the chores at the same time? Yes they're flooding in aren't they.  I digress.

I caught sight of Coleen Nolan one of the sidelined presenters on the show.  She is probably a very nice person and had a fitness DVD out a few years back.  She lost loads of weight, looked great for all of 10 mins and is now back to her size 18 self I would guess.  I have no aspirations to look like Coleen Nolan for those very reasons so would not be buying any fitness DVD she has made. That goes for any of the other minor celebrities who put on loads just so they can do impressive before and after pictures for the DVD. One such 'celebrity' even took dieting pills during training for their DVD.

The latest person in the running for a fat to fit DVD is Martine McCutcheon.  Paper reports suggest she has been told to put on more weight so that the before and after shots will look more impressive. These types of DVD's are a big con, highly deceptive and should be banned quite frankly. Trouble is the women buying them think "oh she's like me" and because they are a familiar face buy into all this bullshit. If I were to buy a fitness DVD then Davina, although highly irritating, would be a safe bet as she has been fit for a very long time and the gorgeous Cindy Crawford who still looks amazing.

But I'm not going to buy any fitness DVD as I'm quite happy looking at computer generated fake people rather than the human fake kind.

I didn't realise she's had 3 DVD's out! I rest my case

Coleen pictured this week
Coleen Nolan at the ITV studios London, England - 23.11.11 Coleen Nolan Picture 3625629 Contactmusic

Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday Weigh In

Another -2lbs - that's 12 lbs in 5 weeks.  Am VERY pleased as it was my birthday on Wednesday and I had a mishap in the week also with my 2 x packet of crisps.  I am out on Friday so another danger zone to get through and at the Panto on Saturday which will mean we'll all be in holiday mode and perhaps a take-away.  Still a long way to go but least I've nearly got a stone off me.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Onesies are for Twats. Fact.

If you are over the age of 10 (much like ballet pumps) and are of sound mind you should repeat should not be wearing an adult onesie.  Actually scrap that, even if you're over the age of 18 months you should not be wearing one of these things.  WTF is wrong with people?!  Apparently sales of these sexual repellent to your spouse outfits are expected to exceed 750,000 in the UK over the Xmas period. 

George Osborne probably has a onesie
Are you insane?!  Have you just stepped off the set of the 1975's classic One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?  At what point does a grown woman or indeed a man (I mean my gaydar would be going into overdrive if my man said he's just purchased one of these to kick back into) think that this is a good outfit to wear day or night. I mean do people sleep in these things too?  Do you never ever want your partner to find you sexually attractive again?  Of course, if you are from the George Osborne brigade than this will be highly attractive coupled with a bit of spanking. But for us working classes who induldge in normalish sex - have you just given up? Come on, trust me, this is not a good look.

It does raise the question though - why are they so popular?  I think I might have the answer.  People like to regress back to their childhood. Or maybe not their childhood if it was particularly crappy but certainly to go back to a child like state of mind. Where everything is simple, black and white and the world seems like a nice place to be oblivious to all the horrors that go on in the adult world.

Onesies wearers you need to grow a pair and fast.  Get on with it. You are an adult and you need to act like one for goodness sake and ditch the giant babygrow. And like Forrest Gump said "and that's all I've got to say about that".

Twat alert - this couple  haven't had sex in a long time

Friday, 25 November 2011

Darn you Navy Lace Dress

Yesterday my cheapo clothes that I had ordered from Peacocks (the cheapo clothes store) arrived.  I had ordered a navy lace dress for my night out next week - they only had a 14 in the black lacey number which was a little ambitious at this stage so I thought the navy one would do.  In addition, I got 2 checked shirts - I never wear shirts but for some reason I thought that was a good idea too.

Well I tried the dress on.  I looked like a sack of spuds. It was horrendous. The material was that stretchy cheap kind with the lace over the top and was a nice dress if you had the figure for it.  I did not. I looked like I was 7 months pregnant. I still have that pregnant tummy thing going on where it starts from the top of your rib cage down to where a stomach once was.  So I now have to wear my 'fat going out outfit' for next weeks night out.  Its the same one I wore last year - the outfit is having its yearly trip out of my wardrobe.

It is a lacey black dress (theme going on here - lace is in fashion right?) which flares out and can be worn with every fat girls friend - a pair of black leggings coupled with another fat favourite, gold sparkly shoes. I will accessorise, glam up and will look fine but it just highlighted the fact I have only made a dip in the ocean with my paltry 10 lbs weight loss.  One of the shirts fitted and the other one would have caused someone an injury if the buttons pinged off unexpectedly. So today they are winging there way back to Peacocks.

Last night I made a Gingerbread house for the school - I am pleased to say I didn't stick one sweet on the house and then stick one in my gob.  I thank you.  However, today whilst out I kept thinking oohh I'd love a sausage roll (I never eat these) and other savoury delights.  I did not get a sausage roll and came home from the shops but I did have 2 packets of ready salted crips (133 cals each - not at once - I did make 2 trips) with my lunch. 

A normal person would have been spurred on by the dress rejection but not me I've eaten some crips (with my corned beef sandwich) that I wouldn't have ordinarily eaten or even wanted to eat on this diet. My focus has, by and large, been very good.  I have been up in the night most nights this week with the little fella and am tired and pre-menstrual.  All good reasons but also good excuses.

I am now going to do some serious Wii points and give myself a good mental beating. 

The Gingerbread House

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Operation Xmas

Yup (as my 14 year old step-daughter would say) this needs to be put in place and fast.  I'm fine tuning the details but if there's ever going to be a 'danger, danger, high voltage' situation in my 1970's diet than this is it - the season to get fatter.

Yesterday was my birthday and you can see what I consumed and what I consume everyday in my 'Food Diary'.  I ate too much yesterday. I felt a bit sick to be honest, tetchy and generally yucky afterwards.  I know that there will be days like this throughout my diet but I have to make sure its an odd day here and there and not a free fall into obesity. 

Now, in theory, Christmas should be about (and Jesus of course!) a slightly larger than average meal on the day itself.  I remember years ago a woman said to me "I don't know why people put on so much weight its only one meal".  She obviously had never been to my household where the plates were piled high with food - this was actively encouraged by my dad who incidentally was massive as a child. If you weren't groaning with stomach pains afterwards then you hadn't had a decent Xmas dinner.  It wasn't unusual for us to actually wear loose fitting clothing especially for our Xmas dinner - you'd certainly be changing into your trackie bottoms afterwards that's for sure. A 7lb gain over the Xmas period would be greeted with respect not disgust.

I remember when my husband first had Xmas day dinner at our house - he was shocked at the amount that was besieged onto our plates.  We were like vultures who hadn't seen any meat in days and were partial to a crispy roast potato. As an adult and with children of my own, I am much more restrained at Xmas.  I used to aim for a maximum 3-5lb weight gain around this period and give myself at pat on the back if I'd managed that. 

I do hate that bloated feeling where you've grown a few more chins, your face looks really puffy and your jeans are stretched beyond breaking point - no self respecting pair of denims should have to endure that. 

But that woman was wrong. Xmas isn't just about the dinner on the 25th.  It used to be certainly in the 70's/80's and even possibly the '90's maybe that's why we went mad on the day itself.  These days its the build up to it and that's where Operation Xmas has to come into effect.

Firstly Xmas starts like now.  The Xmas lights are being switched on in our high street tomorrow. I will take the kids to see a 5 min Father Christmas travel up the high street on a back of a landscaping truck with minimal decorations whilst we stand outside Smallworths. This is the new shop which replaced Woolworths when it went bust and some 33,000 people lost their jobs.  I don't know why it went bust as I never seemed to leave the place without spending £30 on stuff I had no intention of buying.  Sadly I could not save it.

We have the school's Xmas fair on Saturday. I am on a night out on 2nd December, 3rd December and again on the 16th and 17th. Then there's the general winding down, kids off school holiday mode, dark nights by the fire and it all equates to eating more and exercising less.  I do not want to put on weight and undo my good work up to this point. 

So what's the plan then.  Well tonight I will be having soup for my tea instead of the usual meatballs this is to counter balance yesterday's diversion. I am also about to go on the Wii dance for the first time this week. I will do this after my meals out on 2nd, 3rd, 16th and 17th - eat soup and make sure a Wii dance has happened.  I'm going to set up a new page called Operation Xmas to keep track of events and exercise.  I need to remain focus at all times.  Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

...Happy Birthday dear Tasha, Happy Birthday to me.  Yes folks I am the grand sum of 38 years old today.  Now I'm not depressed that I'm definitely on the wrong side of 35 and hurtling towards the 40 mark and let me tell you why. Firstly, I prefer even numbers. I don't know why that is - it just is.  I preferred being 36 to 35, 26 to 25, 34 to 33 and I'm much happier being 38 than 37 so next year I won't enjoy being 39 but will much prefer to be 40.

I have noticed the emergence of a few grey hairs to the side - about 4 in total and I feel pretty good I've got to this age without them. I don't have to start dying my hair just yet.  I don't pretend I will go into older middle age skipping and dancing when the lines get deeper and when my eggs dry up completely. Even though I did say to my husband when I was 25 that "I would embrace old age" - he likes to remind me of this when I say "how old do I look?" "what does it matter, I thought you were going to 'embrace' old age" comes his reply.

There is nothing you can do about the year in which you were born. Old age comes to us all  - its my turn to step up. So that smug 20 something mum in the playground who exclaims "oh my god I'm going to be 26 in a few days - how old am I!"will, also, be in her forties one day - granted I'll be in my mid 50's by which point I would like to think I'd have let myself go completely. Remember that when your granny looked ancient even when she was in her 40's/50's? They dressed old for their age in comparison to today's roller skating 50 somethings. 50 is the new 30 we're told - no its not 50 is 50 and 30 is 30 get over it.

I also think that when I'm 70 I'll be wishfully thinking about the time I was young in my late 30's/40's. When you have meals and wheels visiting you and going out to the shops to talk to passers by for company - then you complain about old age and not before. 

It also helps that I married a man 10 years older than me so in his eyes (and words) I will be forever young.  That will do for me.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Fred for PM!  Since doing this blog I have become quite attached to 'Fred' the iconic (alright not quite god like) character that is associated with Homepride Flour. He was dreamt up by two Americans who pitched the idea to the company in 1965.  Here are some more interesting facts on the history of Homepride if you are interested - or not! 

You really know you are hitting the late 30's when you get excited about a 'Fred rolling pin' that you can purchase along with 1 token - coming to a home near me soon.  Oh and that little fella sitting on the counter will also, hopefully, be winging his way to my kitchen if no one outbids me on ebay.

The purpose of this post is not to focus on Freddie baby but more about bread.  Today the Daily Mail or the Daily Hate as its sometimes called (mind you we all still read it - its the paper equivalent of shouting at the telly) ran a 2 page article about us Brits and the decline in our consumption of bread since the mid '70's.  When we do eat bread we are eating bigger slices (erm old news fellas already said that at the start of my blog) some 20g more per slice by all accounts. 

The decline in sales has been put down to various faddy diets like the Duken and Atkins diet.. They are faddy people you aren't going to be staying on them for the rest of your life.  Even Slimming World which I was always a big advocate for, limits the amount of bread you can have, 28g but anything after that its massively 'synful'.  I really struggled with the concept of eating bread based on my previous trips to Slimming World - but look how that worked out for me!

It has become quite fashionable to diss bread (remember that school saying?). In fact, when I say I have a sandwich for my lunch I get a raised eyebrow and I can see them thinking "you're not going to lose any weight eating that stuff I can tell you".

I'd probably get more kudos if I said I'm having a Kit Kat Chunky and that is all for my lunch - I'm sure they'd buy into that if I came up with some old bollocks that it is X amount of calories and the sugar and fat content are perfect at lunchtime thus ensuring my metabolism works overtime ready for my next meal.  Yes I could have the 'Kit Kat Chunky diet' and it would be far more acceptable than 'Having a small sandwich for lunch diet'.

But I am losing weight and I am eating bread - wholemeal bread that is. I actually prefer it but I would have no problems eating the white stuff. 

Let them eat bread - not cake!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday Weigh In

-2lbs - surprised at that given I had a day off on the Saturday.  Now if I can lose 4lbs this week I will be 14lbs lighter than I was when I started this blog.  Nice way to start a Monday.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Heartburn Centrale

That was me last night.  Whilst I did enjoy my day off the 1970's diet for my birthday (not as much as I thought I would as I do enjoy being hungry now) it gave me god awful heartburn.  I couldn't get to sleep for ages and was woken several times by the little fella - I eventually took him into the spare room and slept with him there. Not one to dish out any tea and sympathy, my husband remarked "I can't think why - you only had wine, cheese, chocolate, bacon and chorizo".  "I didn't go mad" I retorted right back at him. Define mad I thought to myself - masses of portions Diane Keaton style? Apparently she gorged herself on some 20,000 calories a day whilst dating Woody Allen so says her autobiography.  No way near that but I would definitely have consumed double, if not more, than a normal day on my 1970's diet. 

Come to think of it I did suffer with heartburn prior to my diet which obviously was down to my cheese fetish and general crap eating. Since I've been on this diet I haven't had any heartburn.

So for damage limitation I made sure I completed 3400 sweat points on the Wii and we also had a stroll round the woods today. I hate having to do exercise because I need to to counter balance food intake - this is something I was forever doing.  So whilst I had a lovely day yesterday I don't plan on having one like that for quite some time.

Time will tell if this has had a impact on my weight loss -that time will be tomorrow when I weigh in. See you then.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

A day in the life....

....has to be my all time favourite Beatles track - heard it yesterday when I was off to get pummeled by my Osteopath.  I will speak of this more another time as today, I can hardly contain my excitement, we are off sans les enfants.  Now for those without children it is very easy to 'pop out' and come and go as you please. But for the rest of us it does require a military operation. In fact, the last time I 'popped out' was probably in 2003 so let me have this contained excitement if you please.

Yes, its my 38th birthday next week so I thought we'd go and have a walk around the shops.  Normally I run round with the buggy at break neck speed (I know I have 1 hour 30 mins max even with snacks and drinks to complete my mission) and plan the route so as to cram as many shops on my list as possible within that time frame. That's why, in general, I will get everything on line - apart from the stress induced trip I have just described above - there's really no other way to shop. 

Today will be different I'm going to stop, potter and mosey around.  For lunch we are having Tapas and wine so I will be off my 1970's diet for one day only.  Now I'm not going to go mad like I would normally do. A bit like if we've been invited to a wedding on our own - I think I'm 18 again and can knock back countless vodka and tonics (slimline of course makes all the difference). Its only when my teeth go numb, I start getting louder and louder, repeating myself just in case the poor person next to me hasn't heard and I start requesting man type drinks like Whiskey to finish the evening that it really is time to go home. There's nothing worse than having to look after 3 children when you are hung over the toilet seat with them saying "mummy are you ok?"  This is a rare occurance so please hold off that call to social services.  I rarely drink these days (1 small glass on a Saturday) and for those exact reasons.

I think a birthday treat is fine - I haven't had chocolate, crisps or anything of that nature for nearly 4 weeks. To be honest I haven't felt deprived in the slightest - I'm just going to enjoy my lunch today and get on that Wii tomorrow. 

Gone eating. Be back tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Video killed the radio star 1979

..."I heard you on the wireless" It was me!! Yes I was a star for about 3 minutes today on BBC London talking to Vanessa Feltz.  Anyone would think I'd been on prime time telly the level of excitement it generated from me.  I was just looking at @The1970sDiet on twitter when a tweet from the show said they were discussing ethnic mixed schools in London.  I tweeted back saying my son had Iranian, Polish, Egyptian and Italian children in his class (one of each of those I might add) which I thought was great. Next thing I know I'm live on the phone in. I quickly texted my husband who was working at a friends and who I was due to visit that morning.  What's the point of being on the radio if there's no one to hear you I figured.

I like Vanessa Feltz. I like her style of writing in the Daily Express and think shes intelligent and very quick thinking.  I felt very at ease chatting I must say. Now I wasn't being PC or anything I genuinely think my children benefit from having children from different nationalities in their class.  I don't think they're being held back as one caller said. Maybe its the quality of teaching but they are all very well catered for and are in various sets for ability and extra help is available for those where English is a second language.  My children learn about different cultures and religions but as I said on the radio, they also had a British Week where they made Union Flags (its only Jack if it is flying at sea - fact!), St George Crosses, Maypole dancing, Cornish Pastie making, Scarecrows and ate Fish and Chips. I don't recall any parent from an ethnic background saying this smacked of right wing fascism which can be linked to the Union Flag/George Cross at times.  They also had International Week and dressed up in various costumes.

I also mentioned my Iranian mummy friend who I took a shine to when she asked me innocently on day one "what is plimsolls"? She makes Iranian rice for me which is lovely - she makes the top layer of the rice go all crispy and as one who likes her food Vanessa knew exactly what I was talking about.

My bubble was quickly burst, however, when I got a call from the school to say my daughter had been sick and to come and collect her. Normal service has been resumed.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Me, My Blog and I

So its nearly 4 weeks since I started my blog on my 1970's diet.  So what I have learnt about this weird virtual wittering world that I have entered into?

I've learnt to get to grips with 'gadgets' and 'badges' cross referencing my blog with my twitter account and joined blogging communities via mumsnet and britmums. I'm sure there are others but haven't come across them just yet.  I've followed other bloggers on twitter and briefly checked out their blogs.  After my initial excitement of having blog views from Russia and other foreign lands I came to realise that they weren't interested in the musing of a 37 year olds' diet but rather wanted to sell you some get rich quick scheme.

My  typos and spellings can be decidedly dodgy at times and I have a habit of using the same phrases.  I have come across the word "rant" a lot -  this seems to be the  in word in the blogging community. To have an opinion and voice it loudly is ranting. I don't think I am a ranter per say - I generally will pipe up about something I have a view on e.g my opportunity knocks post today went quite unexpectedly into perhaps X-factor is a modern day version of Roman Entertainment. Now this isn't something I'm pondering on a regular basis it pops into my head and leaves at the same speed it came in at.  The trouble with writing it down is it gives it more longevity than it would ordinarily have in day to day speaking.

I've had my first angry comment - a touchy subject which I'm sure will not endear me to many working mums who think I'm living in some ivory towers (not the case) but its my blog and I'll type if I want to.

I set myself a time limit on writing a post and adding pictures (30 mins max).  Although I can type at 120 wpm (like to brag about that RSIII level no less and shorthand which is redundant now) I have a house and toddler to take care of during the day and a to do list which isn't going to tick itself off. It is also a good reminder that actions speak louder than words so whilst I'm writing about sweat points I think - time to do some!

There's a mass of blogs out there some 11,500 million all wanting to get noticed no doubt.  My only objective when I started this blog was to lose weight and I am happy to say it still is.  Don't get me wrong in the first week I was totally Stats obsessed - checking them every 30 mins or so but the novelty soon wore off and now I'm much more sane about it all.  My husband is getting less of a blogger widow and normality is slowly returning although prior to turning the computer off at night I do announce that "I'm just gonna check me stats" to which he sighs and locks up.

So is it making me lose weight - absolutely yes! I write my food log, exercise log everyday. As lunch now takes about 5 minutes to eat I will now have a coffee and write instead of plonking myself down and delving deep into the treat cupboard.

What my grandparents would have made of this isn't anyone's guess I know for sure - what a load of claptrap, self-indulgent nonsense from the 'me time' generation and they'd be right!


Opportunity Knocks

Remember that talent show? It ran in the 60's through to the '70's and then was re-branded with Bob Monkhouse as the host in the late 80's. The theme tune was sung by Kiki Dee and I heard it somewhere the other day.  It was today's equivalent to Britain's Got Talent.  Although as I child I watched this, as an adult, I don't watch any talent show (not unless you include Strictly Come Dancing which I watch for the hair, dresses, sequins and of course the dancing) including the dreaded X-factor.

The majority of people I know do watch this show religiously. I know what's going on in the show via newspapers but  I have only watched a few minutes here and there over the years when I'm flicking through channels.  I'm not really moved by people singing and was never into karaoke. I've never had any desire to be on the stage singing - maybe that's why it doesn't appeal to me. I don't think I'm above it or that I'm too high brow - it just bores me. Why are people so into it?  My sister says that after a hard week at work she likes to 'dum' down and finds it relaxing.  Is it escapism from the daily grind?  People always say "never discuss politics or religion". If a conversation ever gets a bit 'deep' i.e talking about the state of the economy its quickly brushed over to something that is light and fluffy. I have a friend who chooses not to buy newspapers or watch the news because its "depressing".  It was only when the riots took place over the summer that people did actually engage in a bit of politics for the first time in years. Briefly the state of the country took precedent over who's going to be booted out of X-factor.

Could it be that X-factor is the modern day equivalent to Roman Entertainment?  By that I mean the following:-

quoted from

These shows were usually free to the public. The emperors believed it was a good way to keep the people of Ancient Rome happy and content with the way the city was being governed. The government provided free bread and free entertainment - a combination they believed would keep happy the many unemployed people in Rome.

With unemployment possibly reaching 3 million next year - YOU DECIDE!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Slim mums I salute you

Yes I do, I really do.  I admire your self-control and restraint especially if you are a foodie and have several ankle bitters to take care of.  I think its very easy to be a fat mum.  Food, whether you like it or not, becomes a major factor in your life once you have kids.  If you are a foodie, greedy type buffet girl like myself then there is undoubtedly going to be trouble ahead. 

I used to work - yes a long time ago.  I had Saturday jobs and paper rounds from 14 onwards and started full-time work when I was 18.  I worked in the banking industry and was drunk for the majority of the time.  It was great fun and I have fond memories.  We even had a single camp bed in the staff room in case anyone didn't quite make it home that night.  After that I worked in the 'big smoke'. I loved the job but I wanted to be pregnant and have children.   I gave up a month before my eldest was born - we toyed with me going back part-time (2 days 1 at home) but I couldn't bare to leave him in a nursery with 17 year olds 'looking' after him.

I've yet to meet a mum who puts her child in nursery and doesn't proclaim "they love it". Yes, that's right they love being dropped off at 7 am in the morning and being picked up at 6pm.  No they don't. They clearest indication is when they scream their heads off (as they can't talk you see) when you drop them off. They stop crying after you leave as they accept defeat that you will not be returning for a very long time.  Even when the nursery staff gives the child food they are allergic too or the numerous accidents they encounter - I have yet to come across a mum who takes the child out of nursery. I know, I know a lot of people don't have a choice but how much are they really clearing from their salary once they pay out £50 a day for childcare?  So they can buy stuff? Have a 2 week holiday somewhere? Is it really worth it? 

We didn't have nurseries in the 70's - yes it was different times but this is a recent phenomenon and one which, I believe, we will look back on and think what an earth were we thinking.

Anyway, onto work.  Yes, I don't recall being constantly asked for food every 5 minutes by my colleagues. Or asked "what's for lunch" "what's for pudding". You can just please yourself with regard to what and when you want to eat pre-kids.  Now its an entirely different matter. Everything centers around feeding people.  My eldest 2 shout out their orders in the morning - "plain white toast", "brown bread plain", "brown bread with butter", "brown bread with jam - not cut up" "thick porridge with mixed up jam" "can we have a biscuit now" "what's in my lunch box" "can I have one of those cakes" "can we have a snack" "when's dinner" "what's for pudding" "is the poppadom man coming today (this would have been a Saturday)?" and so it goes on and on and on. Even worse in the school holidays and I have a life time of those to negotiate.  I plan the weekly menu (some people think its anal - I think it saves me money and stops me having to think even more about food) so I can just look at the blackboard and say right that's for tea.   

So for those slim mummies who over the years have adopted self restraint and not picked at a few crisps here and there, popped a biscuit, cake into their gob whilst dishing out the various treats. I salute you - and I hope to be joining you very, very soon.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Weigh In

2lb off.  I'm okay with this, not thrilled but 8lb in 3 weeks isn't bad.  I did loads of exercise last week but I did have toast during the week for lunch a couple of times (see food log) so will cut that out as probably had too much spread.  I also had a sliver of jam pudding on Sunday. I have to be extra careful this week as we are out Saturday for my birthday and having lunch at a Tapas bar. Remain focused at all times!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Bisto Kids

Well its Sunday and it wouldn't be the 1970's if you didn't have a roast on this day.  The Bisto Kids featured heavily in the '70's - I personally can't stand gravy it makes everything go soggy where's the sense in that? Good job none of us like the stuff (although I don't know if the kids would as I've never offered it up) but if we did then I'm sure I would be calling in the Bisto Kids and not be making it from scratch. 


In good old fashioned 1970's style I overcooked the lamb today within an inch of its life. It was a bit too pink so I whacked it back into the oven with the potatoes and of course over cooked it.  It is the 1970's diet after all.  My mum always over cooks meat - her speciality would have to be roast beef.

My Aunt Debbie recently gave me a comprehensive list of what she had in the 1970's and it sounded far superior to anything that landed on my plate.  I also won (ebay's great isn't it - you win things instead of buying them) "Day by Day Cooking" 1977 by Mary Berry. She featured on the The Great British Bake Off recently.  I was actually surprised at the recipes the vast majority wouldn't look out of place in today's kitchen e.g Lamb with Apricots (that is a recipe I have done from my Tana Ramsey book), Steak and Kidney Pudding, Beef Wellington and even moules marinieres. This comes as no surprise as French cooking was the bee all and end all in the 70's. I mean they really were at the top of their game.  I think they've rested on their laurels somewhat and need to move with the times as I don't think French cooking is the finest in the world and hasn't been for decades.

Some did look pretty ghastly (maybe its just the 70's photography) I must say - Salmon and Noodle Bake, Pork Hongroise (?), stuffed pork chops,  egg mousse, marrow and tomato casserole and where would we be without the celebration gammon?  The puddings were pretty safe in this book. The traditional ones and lots of piping going on Fanny Craddock style (more of her at Christmas time).  I had never heard of 'Savarin' a curious sponge looking number with cream, syrup, honey and rum.

Celebration Gammon

So tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. How will I do?  Have I been good or bad? I hate that dieting expression born out of slimming clubs "have you been good this week"? like you're some 10 year old.  I remember standing in line once to get weighed when a fellow dieter said "I haven't been bad this week but I think I might have put on as I've eaten too much fruit"! Yes I always find its the fruit that piles on the pounds.

I have done lots of exercise and been hungry for the majority of the week.  Tune in tomorrow...

Pork Hongroise

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A trim at both ends

Warning this may offend - if you are prone to being easily violated by words then please leave the blog immediately.

Today I was booked in for some essential woman maintenance.  I had a hair cut booked at 8.15 am - 8.15 am I kid you not.  The only available slot on a Saturday. Only a mum would think that was okay - as a mum of 3 I'm not convinced its okay or even that it should be allowed. Naturally the little fella slept in till 9.30 am - where is the justice in this cruel, cruel world?  In any event my hair was in desperate need of a trim.  This event only takes place about 4 x a year - you can allow me this treat so I had to swallow the crack of dawn time slot.

I have been growing it since last September when I asked for it a little shorter.  The girl (lets call her Steph as that was her name) decided to cut it just below my ears. My hair is curly so it rode up even further. I could have cried right there and then in the chair.  I know most mums decide to get their locks cut after childbirth but this was taking it to another level i.e the piss. She left that day but due to the hairdressers secret code she could not tell me this fact.  I like to think we had a good relationship up to that point and I always tipped her well - maybe she wanted to have a final experiment I don't know.  Upon my return to the house and feeling very fragile, fat and ugly I proclaimed "I hate it" "look what she's done".  My husband responded by bursting out laughing - in between bursts the odd "no its fine" whilst trying to stiffle the sniggers.  As the evening wore on and he kept glancing across and laughing out loud whilst also remarking it resembled a "space helmet" and at one point the words "Captain James T Kirk" came out of his mouth.  He did not have sex that night - well not with me at any rate.

So after today's trim I then went for another trim but down the other end. Now I have no qualms about this getting taken off and trimmed to an inch of its life.  The therapist who runs the salon is a lovely woman who is in her late 50's. She tried a new wax treatment on me and I am pleased to say I did not look like a plucked chicken like I normally do after a bikini wax. I always feel better about myself after a nice hair cut and a tidy in the downstairs department. Seeing as clothes are out of the question at the mo this is the next best thing.

We got chatting about various things - I always find it amusing the general chit chat us ladies can have whilst someone is ripping off your pubic hairs, legs a kimbo with wax. We were talking about C-sections (I've had 3, she has had 2) and the medical difficulties we have both encountered.  When I enquired about her children she said her first died when he was 7 1/2 and her second was now 43.  I was stunned and felt awful for her - I didn't enquire as to the details but there are moments like these that really put your life into perspective with regard to dieting and the like.  I know I am truely blessed with my lot and do thank god most days but just in case I forget I got a good reminder today.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Keep on playing those Mind Games

Whilst watching a recording of Vintage TV (yes there is such a thing) amongst some very bad tracks of 1973 there were a few gems and this, my friends, was one of them. John Lennon in a rare video where he's been let out alone. What a beautiful TUNE (in facebook voice) and equally beautiful voice. Slade were very popular in the seventies and that god awful "Merry Xmas Everybody" number was Top of the Pops on my first Christmas.  I hate it with a passion, in particular, cue the bit he screams "its Christmas" its up there on my top 5 tracks I love to hate.

I do love a bit of Boney M it has to be said though - you can't beat it. Imagine my delight when it appeared on Wii dance 2.  Speaking of which I need to get moving - I'm behind on sweat points and need to cram a workout into my already busy day.  I have even had the time to make Mr 1970's a treacle pudding and chocolate flapjacks to make up for the lack of bread this morning.  I did not lick the bowl or do any of my normal quality control checks.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I am a Russian Doll

I purchased these for me my daughter as a Xmas present.  When I was testing them out earlier (ok I was playing with them) I thought they were very symbolic of my 1970's diet.  I had these as a child, my name is Natasha (good solid Russian name) and I do kind of resemble the doll at the back - give or take the neck scarf. The blusher is a bit heavier than I would normally go for - she does look a bit like Aunt Sally out of Worzel Gummidge ( I am hoping I will be more like the doll on the right in a month or so. I think I may need to be hospitalised if I ever look like the doll at the front.

The Lady is a Tramp

Yes I am - I really am. The lyrics are so true "she gets too hungry for dinner at 8..(yup).she never bothers with people she hates (so true) ..that's why the lady is a tramp". 

This tune probably sums me up quite nicely at the mo - I do get very hungry indeed Frank and I most certainly cannot wait until 8 o'clock to eat my dinner.  As to being a tramp you've hit the nail right on the head. I am down to one pair of saggy around the knees black jeans. The blue pair are worn out in the crotch region - very fetching it may be on some young blond twenty something but not quite the look I'm aiming for on the school run. 

So today I have on leggings, smock summer dress, short cardie and my two tone brown suede boots (these were purchased from  - they make boots made to your calf measurements - hooray!) topped off with my massive tan poncho which I wore when I was pregnant.  The outfit is every fat woman's staple a bit like fit flops (whilst very comfy ladies they aren't going to work miracles), diet coke, handbags and shoes.  Most ladies like shoes and handbags but the larger variety in particular - we can get into them and wear them without the ordeal that trying on clothes can be.

Don't get me wrong I love clothes and in my little fantasy world I am a smart, high heel wearing, sophisticated 30 something but the reality is somewhat different.  Evenings are trackie bottoms and a vest top - good job my husband still finds attractive as I would be in trouble.  I do have my eye on a blue tartan poncho which I may treat myself on my birthday but I am holding out for the clothes shopping until I've hit my mid target at the very least.  I am so determined to lose the weight it seems such a waste and soul destroying to go out and buy replacement size 16 clothes.

I do want to look nice for my husband (cue feminist keeling over). He is 10 years older than me and it would be nice if he had a foxy wife. The other day he was very sweet and said "the trouble is you look hot when you're large and hot when you're not" - this was in addition, I might add, to him saying I was like a "family pack" enough to go around!  I think there was a compliment amongst that lot.

I never see the point of ladies who go out of their way to wear something that their husband doesn't find them remotely attractive in or dye their hair that poxy red colour. Who thought that was attractive?  "He can fffing shove it if he don't like it" - why, why, why would you want to turn your partner off?  I don't get it -  works both ways. If my husband wore something that was hideous and starting doing weird things with his bald head then I think my lust for him may diminish rapidly.

Unfortunately this lady will have to remain a tramp for a little bit longer.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Not getting off

This is a picture of me that I came across on the computer today. I'm about 5 years old and am on one of those trains that go round and round.  I'm at the front no less and I thought it was quite a nice reminder to myself that I am now on the dieting train and I'm not coming off.   I won't be getting off for a good while. The trouble with losing weight is you start to notice your body more.  And it ain't pretty!!  In fact, now I've lost a bit of weight, I feel I look worse than before.  The reasons being is that before, although I was aware of my round shape, I wasn't really that bothered about it and went on my fat merry way.  Now I am bothered about it I am not so happy. I think its best I don't look sideways on into mirrors until I hit the 2 stone mark. I really do have a long way to go.

Today I was in my local supermarket and for the first time since I started my diet, I did think mmmm what would I fancy now? It quickly passed and I have continued following my diet without any diversions into the biscuit tin or a dip into the cheese ball packet. But it is a reminder to myself to remain focused at all times until mission is completed.

On an entirely different matter I've changed my blog view from 'dynamic' to 'classic' although I prefer the way dynamic looks I think I can add blog type things like 'gadget's and followers to this version.  Its all still very new to me and it probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things but there you go.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dick Turpin..

..sprang to my mind this morning when I opened an email from EDF energy.  The energy equivalent of Dick Turpin - robbing highway man!  I loved this series (it ran from 1979-1982) and I used to think that Richard O'Sullivan who played Dick Turpin was a bit of an alright (!) even with his wonky teeth.  I particularly liked the opening credits and the music which I won't try and re-create like I did with Jaws.

So, EDF you robbing bunch of highway men. What nonsense do you speak of today?  Well they want to put my bill up by £37.00 per month for my 'estimated' usage of gas/electricity for the winter months.  Yes that's right not what I owe them (which incidentally my account will be in credit once this months payment is taken) but what they think I will owe them. 

Not one for taking this lying down I sent an angry email explaining that we have a wood burner which we will be using in the winter months (which we have done for the past 3 years since my clever hubster came up with the idea) which is very cost effective.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how similar these times are to the 1970's with regard to fuel.  There were strikes galore (today our teachers are on strike this month) in the seventies, the most remembered would be that of  the coal miners.  I'll try not to get all political on you, oh sod it I'm going to anyhow!  Cast you mind back when the UK had its own energy resource.  What a great idea it was to shut down the pits and now we can all enjoy sky high energy prices as we pay through the nose via foreign providers.  We're totally buggered when the North Sea oil dries up hence the UK's billion pound (although we are all  told we're skint) involvement in Libyan affairs for their oil.

Back to the 1970's - it was cold in our house.  You were told to put a jumper on.  The radiators were on the lowest setting and I used to sit with my back to them to keep warm. They weren't bled properly so the heat only came up half way.  When I got my first flat the heating was up full whack!  How times are changing. There were many power cuts/strikes and you always had a supply of candles in the kitchen drawer. The board games would come out when the telly would just switch off and we'd all say "power cut".

So are we really that far removed from the 1970's today? I think not - my landfill rubbish wasn't collected for 7 weeks recently (ring any 1970's bells) I also have a slop bucket to but food waste in (re-branded as a 'food cady'). 

Well I am beginning to think of more and more reasons for dieting other than the bog standard ones.  Apart from getting journalists to have an original thought it is also about saving money.  I shall be burning some calories, getting warm to my Wii dance 3 whilst keeping the heating off - be on your way EDF highwayman!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Just Dance 3 ...

Had to share this with you all - was so much fun and very sweaty!  Just completed 3444 sweat points ... Get in!

The LBD diet

Well today at lunch, whilst eating my 1970's corned beef sandwich I flicked through the paper and came across the same old shitty articles they churn out every year.  The little black dress diet.  You too can get in a LBD dress for Xmas. I don't want to get into a LBD for Xmas because 1) it wouldn't be black in any event and 2) I have no where to wear it.  Even if I wanted to slim down for a particular event (which as I previously said I don't do dieting to order) I'm not going to follow your diet so STOP telling me what to do!

These articles just make me glaze over - every year its the same. They churn out a version of the same article throughout the year i.e lose the Xmas weight, the new bikini diet etc etc. You see the adverts just before Xmas - take M&S she's practically having an orgasm over the latest delightful offerings for Xmas. Cue New Year and M&S are selling you all their low cal diet meals.

I mean what would they write about if us ladies just maintained a normal weight - a whole billion pound industry would just die over night wouldn't it?  One day we're told to get baking, the next shift the weight.  It is in the companies interest for women to yo-yo diet - they encourage it. Take Special K for instance - eat this crappy cereal for 2 weeks, then gorge yourself silly on treats (more than likely made by the same company).  Come on ladies the companies that make you fat are the companies that sell you the diet stuff. Its a win, win situation for them.  Profits when you're fat and profits when you're slim.

Today they have 3 overweight 30 somethings all following the paper's diet - Day 1 eat this, Day 2 eat that blah blah - all hoping to lose 10lbs so they can dazzle everyone in their dramatic weight loss and get into a dress for Xmas.  You and I both know that as soon as the article has finished those dresses will be bursting at the seams once the Xmas party season takes full flight.  They're not going to continue the weight loss journey - as usual it'll be a quick fix for a long term problem.

As you were Tasha.

Monday Weigh In

Another 3lb down.  Total loss 6lbs in 2 weeks.  This probably wouldn't impress the producers of The Biggest Loser (I'd certainly be below the yellow line for sure) but its good enough for me.  I had quite a week temptation wise and coped pretty well.  I did have a sliver of the jam pudding Sunday (quality control checks and all that) so need to be careful this week.  'They' (the faceless, nameless 'they') say that its the 3rd week that people come unstuck - its normally the 3rd day for me so lets hope I can negotiate this week pretty well.  There are no major temptations or things going on so I need to make sure I do more exercise as last week was pretty poor on that front.

Until  next week...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bear Head

That's how I refer to my fat face - my bear head. I have curly hair and I always think to myself "look at you and your big bear head"!  If I ever get my hair straightened, which is once in a blue moon, my face looks even bigger. The daddy bear of all bear heads.

I am pleased to report that the bear head does seem to be reducing in size.  I can feel I have lost weight in my jeans (now down to one pair that fit as the other pair are literally worn out) and tops.  And it does appear a chin is emerging from the wilderness.  I know I've lost weight but how much?  I suppose 2lbs will be good but I so desperately want to say hello to the 13 stone's - its been a long time.

My husband says if you lost 1lb a week that's good enough and over the course of a year that's just over 4 stone.  But us dieters don't do logic like that - we just want the weight to come off and fast.  For my American and Canadian audience - yes very exciting I had 40 views from America (okay so there's a population of some 220 million but still) and I am also pleased to report I had the grand total of 9 views to my blog from Canada.  I should also give the 2 people from Russia a mention (don't ask me the population of this country but I'm sure its more than America) who looked at my blog. They may be looking up 1970's porn and accidentally hitting my site but then I reason why would anybody be looking up 1970's porn?! I mean neck scarves, dodgy music and way too much hair down below. Surely today's modern stuff is far more appealing.

Right sorry for lowering the tone - for my overseas audience who may or may not be visiting my blog out of a genuine interest in a 37 year old's weight loss programme there are 14lbs to one stone. And for my continental audience (2 from Germany) there are 2.2lbs to 1kg.  You do the math as I'm rubbish at it.

Until tomorrow.... Monday's weigh in.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Penny for the Guy

Well its Bonfire/Fireworks Night tonight and we are all set with our little collection of fireworks and sparklers. We won't have a 'Guy' though (although if we had a bonfire in the garden I'm sure we would make one especially).  Guy does still feature at the big organised firework displays but I haven't seen any child roaming the streets pushing one crying out "penny for the guy". They'd probably get told off for begging these days - much like Halloween.

We always made a Guy Fawkes to put on the bonfire when I was younger.  His head would be made out a pair of my mum's old tights stuffed with newspapers and his body was decorated with old clothes.

This picture is from the Museum of London and shows 2 children in 1969 sitting outside a pub shouting "penny for the Guy". It had been a tradition for many, many years.  In the 1970's we would either have a fireworks display in the garden with jacket potatoes, sausages and burgers or go to an organised event where they, too, would also sell the same but with the added bonus of hot soup! I'm sure I was more interested in the food aspect of these events than the actual fireworks. 

Right, I'm getting hungry now! Tonight I haven't gone to any effort food wise except for a ready meal (much like last weeks).  My husband has already lost 7lbs whilst I've been on the 1970's diet - lets hope my weigh in on Monday catches him up. 

It's all your fault Sara Lee...

...why I started novelty cakes.  I'm sure my mum did bake the odd cake here and there when I was younger (I've mentioned before she doesn't really do baking or cooking of any description), however, my lasting memory of my birthday cakes were of Sara Lee's black forest gateaux. I might add that it was  partially thawed as anyone who is familiar with Sara Lee know that the cakes are frozen. My mum always forgot to get it out of the freezer on time so it was a right bugger to cut in to. Maybe that's why I like frozen chocolate? The cake used to get in a right old mess as, like today, they have that stupid bit of plastic that runs around the edge of it and takes forever to get off. Don't get me wrong I did like this birthday cake - in  particularly I very much enjoyed the cream swirly bit at the top.

Having said this, when my eldest was born,  I vowed to make a bit of an effort with his birthday cakes.  Sara Lee has been consigned back to the 1970's/80's. I made a penguin cake and was chuffed with myself. I then realised that I would have to continue this with each child year after year (I did sell them for £40 for a little bit but soon realised that time v profit = nothing).  The cake above is one I have made for my step-daughter who turns 18 on Monday. This is the reason why I have not exercised in 2 days - just to be a right royal show off I also made cupcakes.

I am pleased to report that I did not taste the buttercream, the off cuts of cake, the chocolate cupcakes or any sugary fondant icing.  An achievement me thinks.

The ex-wife is coming to collect it tomorrow - this should be interesting (more of her another time) as even when I'm slim she calls me fat.  In fact, I've never met anyone more obsessed with my weight than she.  I would love to give her a pair of scales and ask if she would like to weigh me but not just yet!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Embrace Hunger

Definition of Hunger

a. A strong desire or need for food.
b. The discomfort, weakness, or pain caused by a prolonged lack of food

Well today I am hungry and I was hungry yesterday.  I'm okay with hunger.  I am embracing hunger.  I used to have the words "embrace hunger" on my fridge (although it probably should have been on the cupboards as that's where all the treats are) in the vain attempt it would stop me from eating the contents inside.  These never work do they? The little things you do in the hope it will kick start you into eating properly. After my holiday I ordered a photo notebook with 4 of the most hideous pictures I could find of myself. There is one of me in a bikini no less - I never wore a bikini when I was slim so why I choose to wear one when I was at the height of my fatness I don't know. Well actually I do know, I looked better in this than I did in the one piece. My swimming costume made me look like a sack of spuds (that picture also made it to the front cover of the notebook).  By the way, in France the women wear bikinis on the beach, irrespective of their size. Its actually lovely to see - they really don't care and it was very liberating. Like the liberating feeling I had during my pregnancy whilst eating anything I fancied - not so liberating now though is it Tasha.

Back to the notebook - it was my food diary and the pictures were going to shame me into doing something about my weight. I did  manage to do this for a couple of days at the start of every week. Then the notebook basically became a things to do book with the front cover folded over.  See, they just don't work.

Whilst I may be hungry, I'm not starving, the definition of which is to suffer or die from extreme or prolonged lack of food or to suffer from deprivation. I think its safe to say this isn't going to happen don't you?!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Buffet Girl

 I am she.  The Buffet Girl. This name came about after my mum told my husband the story (for the first time I might add) of when I was approx 3 years old - so lets say 1976.  It was Christmas time and we were all at my granny's house.  My granny was a wonderful cook and even made us homemade Easter eggs with our names inscribed on them. Its a pity my mother didn't pick up any handy tips or her passion for cooking, but then I would have been a very fat child and I wouldn't be losing any weight from 'The 1970's diet'.

Being a dab hand in the kitchen, Granny had laid a feast for us to devour in the form of a buffet.  Now, the story goes that when it was time to leave and realising that I would no longer be in the presence of food, I grabbed a mince pie and shoved it in my mouth - a car journey snack some might say.  My mum said that I was so full, having eaten my fair share of the buffet, that the mince pie got lodged in my throat. She promptly put her fingers down my throat to remove the offending mince pie to prevent me from choking. Saved from a buffet! She also added that whenever there was a buffet at parties etc she would have to 'physically remove the food' to stop me returning.

My husband found this all to be rather amusing and since that day I have been know privately between the two of us as "The Buffet Girl".  He will come up to me at a party and whisper in my ear "alright Buffet Girl"! I might add that my husband isn't a wanker if he is coming across that way - we both find this very funny.

Truth be told I do really struggle whenever there is a buffet present. All the things you love laid out in front of you waiting to be eaten. I'm sure my eyes light up once the hostess yells "food is ready". My particular favourite is prawn vol au vents - yes very 1970's but I love them. In my mind a party just ain't a party if these bad boys aren't there.  I made sure they were in my wedding buffet which if I remember rightly, I only had one trip up to the buffet table that day.

I don't know what it is about buffet's but I cannot stop myself returning back to them.  I think its because I love the taste of food and one taste isn't enough I need to keep experiencing it again and again and again.  I am getting better at them and can exercise a bit of self control but my god its hard! I say to myself "step away from the buffet table". 

Kids parties were also very difficult for me in the beginning. I have 3 children and they get invited to lots of parties.  One year I took a look around and noticed that it was only the chubby mummies who were dipping their paws into the bowl of chesse balls, cocktail sausages etc. The slim mum's were standing back from the buffet. Right now even The Buffet Girl can step away from the buffet table. 

A mince pie - much like the one that left the buffet table

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Yes, I admit it, I am partial to the odd Rocky film. I used to watch them as a child (although I was only 3 when the first one came out in 1976 so probably watched it when I was slightly older).  Do you remember films took forever to come out on video/telly?

I liked the whole getting fit for the match storyline and Talia Shire's role as Adrian (she also stared in the Godfather films - my favourite box set of all time). There is a whole generation who get the running up steps, reaching the top and shouting "Adrian!" thing. Isn't it weird that anyone under the age of 25 would  have absolute no idea what an earth you were doing? Actually I stand corrected, those who have never watched the films wouldn't have a clue either!

There is a generation who only ever went into the sea going "nah nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah (I did my best to recreate it) there's a Shark!" They were, of course,  referring to Jaws (1975). If I come across this whilst flicking channels I cannot help but start to watch it. My husband groans "not Jaws" - I retort "ssshh its a classic"  I might try the whole "there's a shark" thing out on the kids and see if they get it. What do you think?

Well today I had my Rocky moment. I had practically no sleep last night as the little fella decided that as I told someone he was sleeping much better he wouldn't just to make a point. I have a friend, Emma, who has 3 small children and often trumps me on the no sleep front hands down. Yet she still manages to get out twice a week to go to Zumba.

So I adopted the Emma approach - just because you are exhausted there's no excuses for skipping exercise.  Its a lovely Autumnal day so I set off straight from school, Ipod on and pushed the buggy (the contents of which now weigh about 2 stone) up and down hills.  When I was at the bottom of the MASSIVE hill I turned the Rocky theme tune on and made may way to the top - calves burning, sweat pouring and gasping for breath.  I don't have people shouting "hey Tasha" or young children running behind me chanting my name mind you.  I am so triumphant when I do this walk I do actually want to start jumping around and waving my hands around in the air - trouble is the brake doesn't work on the buggy so I can only be Rocky in my head.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Electric 6 - Danger ! High Voltage

This mad song by Electric Six plays in my head whenever the word 'danger' is uttered.  Just those four words -I doubt I will ever be able to say danger in my head without this track playing.  The more I write this blog the more I question the workings of my mind. Anyway onto danger,  yes there is a lot of high voltage in the world of dieting.  I view weeks/months as potential dangerous situations. Take this week for instance I have to negotiate copious amounts of cake and nibbles at 'chill and chat' (yes it is as great as it sounds basically I take my toddler to make friends whilst I chill and chat - or as my husband pointed out I chat and the mum's do the chilling). I am making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing topped with fondant horsey designs together with a horse's head shaped cake with much of the same. Then we have Fireworks night - potential sausage overload and on Sunday my sister and brother-in-law are coming to sample my cooking of steak, Guinness and Stilton pie with roast potatoes with steamed jam pudding for afters. 

The following week is more of the same, then my birthday and then the school Xmas fair where yours truly will make a gingerbread house covered in sweets and icing sugar. 

So, how will I do - the way I'm feeling at the moment I am confident I can easily negotiate this week. I shall take one week at a time.  I thought I'd also mention that I'm no good at dieting to order i.e fit into a new dress for night out, wedding, party etc.  Even for my own wedding in 2009 I wanted to be a stone lighter but I just can't do deadlines when dieting.  I also don't like anyone to notice I've lost weight as whilst this might spur some people on further it has the opposite affect for me - I think job done!  I've only shared this blog with a select few on facebook for that very reason.

Let us suppose you are rather fat

I wanted to share this very amusing page I found in this 1973 children's cookbook. I picked it up off ebay its by Marguerite Pattern and called "Second Piccolo Cook Book"  I don't know much about her but I'm sure someone can fill me in. 

I love the frankness of it all - no beating around the bush, sparing the child's feelings or using words like big, large or heavy boned. She gets stuck right in calls the child fat and shows a picture of a chubby cheeked child stuffing its face with a lolly! Love it!  I also love the little pictures of the plates - choose 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2.  So in summary,  if I keep off the buns, cakes, lollies and ice-cream and walk and play more I will be slim. Easy!