Friday, 28 October 2011


Cambridge Dictionaries definition :-

the ability to control your own thoughts and the way in which you behave; determination

So do any of us have much willpower these days? To say "No thank you" to food offered.  I'm sure modern day life has had an impact of people's ability to exercise self control and restraint. Take the Internet as an example - we can have pretty much anything, anytime delivered to our door. Only now in these bleak times (much like the 1970's) people are starting to rein in their spending habits.

Today my friend came for lunch, we normally have a huge baked potato and prawns etc. Today I did rein it in and had a prawn mayo (low cal) wholemeal sandwich and a yoghurt. There were no treats and no "go on then I'll have a bit". It felt good.

Breakfast:- Apple, some grapes
Lunch:-     Prawn mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread, yoghurt
Dinner:-    2 x Aldi burgers (grilled 250 cals) 1 in white roll, dash of relish and some oven chips 

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