Tuesday, 25 October 2011

So we begin....

Today is my first blog ever!  This idea came out of a discussion I had with my husband on Sunday.  I announced that as of Monday I was going on a diet as I was sick of being fat (not 'big' as we like to call it these days).  I am 5ft 5.5 (the half makes all the difference) and have been 14 stone for the best part of a year (my youngest is 18 months and I can no longer get away with saying "I've just had a baby").  To top it all I put on 5lbs over the past 3 weeks when my husband was off work sick.

He just laughed and carried on what he was doing - well, how very dare you! I proceeded to tell him how unsupportive he was being and made him swear on his children's lives (I am a tad dramatic sometimes) that he knew I could lose weight.  He duly complied but also added "whether you will or not is another matter". He has on numerous occasions said he couldn't care less if I remain the same weight forever. He then actually made me think about a few things.

I do love cheese. At first I denied it but when I really thought about it I do love cheese.  Funny thing is I don't really do cheese boards and cheese in its natural state but melted.  It goes on most things.  Fajita wraps, mash, home-made burgers, pasta, chilli con carne - I've even been know to put some ham and cheese on a ryvita and quickly melt it in the microwave. So I have given up cheese - it is no longer in my life.

Next up for discussion was 'faddy diets' now again I disagreed - Slimming World/Weight Watchers are all widely regarded as being successful provided you follow same. I did try the special K for a couple of days and have only done the Atkins once and that was for a week. So by and large I wouldn't say I was a 'faddy dieter'.  I know what not to eat (and I've eaten pretty much what I've wanted over the past 2 years) - chocolate, crisp, cakes - its not rocket science. However, I 've kindof lost sight of what I should eat on my 'diet'.

And here comes the 1970's bit - food in the 70's was fuel (and there wasn't much of that around either) - it was pretty rank if we're honest and I'm not remotely nostalgic about the food that was served up when I was a child.  However, I was not fat as a child.  You had Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - snacked on fruit - I would say "I'm starving" mum "have some fruit" "no" "you can't be starving then". And that was the end of that.  You didn't have a snack when you got in from school you were 'starving' until tea time and if you were hungry after tea (which was normally so) have a piece of bread to fill you up. "What's for after's" we used to cry "not alot" was the response.  I digress back to the diet in question.

My husband also pointed out breakfasts - cereal which I did myself say year's ago is full of sugar and salt even if you think fruit and fibre is healthy.  My lunches that I thought were healthy baked potato with tuna, mayo (maybe a little melted cheese) with salad coleslaw, honey smoked mackerel, baked p with prawns and mayo (I do love a bit of fish it has to be said), tin of soup (500cals) they are all quite substantial lunches.

So the plan is to ditch the cereal - a piece of fruit for breakfast - a slice of wholemeal bread for lunch (I never eat bread its fattening - how's that working out for me - oh I'm actually still fat) with a piece of ham and for dinner a small evening meal with a yoghurt for 'afters'.

And we're off.....

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