Wednesday, 26 October 2011

So how you feeling..

..pretty, pretty good (in my best Larry David voice - if you haven't seen curb your enthusiasm you must).  I apologise for spellings and typos I'm such a Luddite that I couldn't figure how to edit my 'draft' post nor did the spell check work. I doubt there are fundamental errors with rather just my newbie status to all of this.

Hello to the 1 person that viewed in Germany and 1 in the USA - they are gone no doubt but not forgotten.  I thank you.

Well yesterday and the day before I had a RAGING headache practically all day long - I think my body was going into shock at the fact it had not digested a cheese ball, bit of cookie and general kid type snack that finds their way into the depths of my belly without a second thought.  Today, however, is far better and I have not had an inclination to taste the rainy day biscuit mixture (courtesy of Nigella) that I knocked up for the kids to make Halloween biscuits. Nor did I dip my finger into the Madeira cake mixture I am rustling up for my step-daughter's horses head cake. So progress some might say or others might say it's only day 3 for goodness sake!

Has the penny dropped or something 'clicked' as everyone who has ever dieted always says "I don't know, something just clicked" when they recall the start of their weight loss journey.  Hopefully yes, wouldn't it be nice to finally be losing weight when all around you have already lost their weight, gained it and lost it again.

Breakfast:- "have a banana" I'm sure there's song with that in it but can't think what, grapes. Cup of tea.
Lunch - 2 x wholemeal bread with 1 x slice corned beef - yoghurt, cup of tea skimmed milk
Dinner - processed meatballs from my favourite cost saving store Aldi with spaghetti and tomato sauce with mushrooms, peppers onions home made with no cheese - yoghurt.

Until tomorrow...

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