Saturday, 29 October 2011

"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"

From the album Goodbye Yellowbrick Road 1973 (the year of my birth). And so to Saturday - when I woke this morning "Saturday, Saturday"  was playing in my head. Do you ever do that? Play snip bits of songs in your head well I do!  The point is that Saturday is a danger zone for me and I suspect for many dieters.  

Not that I have anywhere to go in particular. Most Saturday's are spent watching Strictly Come Dancing whilst drinking wine and snacking on nibbles. Breakfast always involves grilled bacon but lots of it (5 slices), a fried egg and some wholemeal bread.  I would normally skip lunch as this would keep me going all day - the workings of my mind would justify eating some hero's chocolates, some crisps and any cake that was knocking around during the day as I hadn't had any lunch.  Dinner would be a take-away of some description, more often than not, an Indian tandoori grill (better than a creamy dish I would think to myself) but on top of that would be a peshwari naan, 2 poppadoms with mango chutney and 4 x onion bhaji's.  I would polish off with some more wine and go to bed so full I wouldn't be able to sleep properly.  Tonight, my friends, will be different...

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