Saturday, 29 October 2011


1970 Admiral Microsonic Microwave Oven Press Photo
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Tonight, instead of the lovely man from Planet Spice knocking on my door with a bag of delights, we will be having a 1970's version of today's take-away  - a microwave meal!

I picked up 2 for £4 chicken korma's with rice - the total weight of each are 400g and contain 510 calories. I am sure it is a marked improvement on my normal Saturday night's calorie intake.  I have also purchased a peshwari naan (having just looked at the cals on this I will be having half of one) and onion bhaji's too, so will probably take me to 700 cals.  I can't bring myself to drink Blue Nun - I'm having a small glass of some Australian number instead.  I think my husband my be hungry afterwards.

Breakfast:- Apple and coffee with skimmed milk.
Lunch - 1/4 tin of tuna, mayo on wholemeal and a yoghurt.
Dinner - see above!

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