Thursday, 27 October 2011

Get busy with the fizzy...

And so to drinks - pretty limited really. The cheaper versions of coco cola - panda cola/pin hi with a straw. My mum used to take me to the pub pre school age, plonked me down in the corner with a coke and packet of crisps, whilst she played pool. By all accounts I was "happy as Larry" - but this isn't a parenting blog....

 ..So imagine the excitement when this bad boy came along! The Soda Stream - I mean dreams can really come true - just add syrup to carbonated water which you make by pressing the button and voila - you have the real thing!  Of course, it didn't taste anything like the real thing but we all thought it was really cool. Fizzy drinks at a push of a button at home!  On this diet I haven't reverted back to the Soda Stream but I see that it has made a bit of a comeback.
There are all sorts of versions e.g genesis, penguin - if you're stuck for a Xmas present this year check out how grateful it will be received I don't know.

Numerous studies now say drinking fizzy drinks, especially the low cal ones, actually make you crave sugary foods. I would have to agree as I always fancy a bit of chocolate with my diet drink.  When I was following the Slimming World diet you can 'drink unlimited' quantities of the stuff - it was 'syn' free. My favourite tipple was diet lemonade. What they don't tell you is this -  it strips the enamel off your teeth. I found this out in the dentist's chair who informed me my mouth was a "ticking time bomb of potential fillings". At £75 a pop for the white ones (mercury contaminating ones free on the NHS) I promptly gave up my consumption of the fizzy stuff for a good while. 

My good self enjoying pin-hi with a straw!

What drinks can you remember in the 1970's?.....


  1. I have a horrible diet coke habit which I am finding difficult to break (and I managed to give up smoking with no aids). I do agree it leads you to want sugary foods as well.
    I hate soda stream tho, yuck!!

  2. Oh thanks for the comment on this one of my oldest posts - I know how you feel I was the same with lemonade but only have it as a treat now and yes the soda stream was pretty naff! x