Sunday, 30 October 2011


I haven't really mentioned this on my 1970's diet - we walked to school and back, walked to friends and were told to "go out and play" so we were always on the go.  We didn't have the amount of TV channels you have these days - BBC1, BBC2 and ITV and that was it.  I think the only children's programme that we watched was Play School and that was pretty naff (see above).  Today kids have never had it so good! I sound like my grandad - I know people say they don't have the same opportunities to run  free outdoors, they're driven everywhere (mine aren't - we walk where ever possible and especially to school its only 2 mins) etc etc.

However, there are brilliant exercise computer games out there.  I haven't exercised much at all this week but I have to say I love to exercise and was one of the main reasons I was able to maintain my (albeit large) weight whilst eating what I wanted. I love the Wii Zumba getting on down feeling like I'm Jennifer Lopez and the Wii dance games.  I recently purchased the Wii dance 3 and the kids love it you get to pick the dancer and we all had great fun this wet, miserable October morning.

So I will be exercising and much more next week as the kids are back to school and I can get back into a routine. I normally do a Wii number when my youngest has a nap - you have to make time for exercise with children.  I don't want to go out at 8pm at night - so I fit it into my day either a long buggy walk up hill or one of the fantastic Wii games.  I salute you Nintendo!

Breakfast:-  Apple, cup of coffee
Lunch:- Half a wholemeal sandwich with a slice of chicken roll, yoghurt
Dinner:- Pasta, teaspoon of pesto, onion, pepper, mushrooms and wait for it chorizo sausage - it is very fatty 465 cals with 35g of fat for 100g but I had less than half of that.  Orange for afters and cup of tea.  It is less than an hour after eating and I'm hungry!

More about this fine sausage I don't know how much of it was around in the seventies, however, its very fashionable at the mo - it seems to make an appearance in very traditional British dishes like steak pie and Nigella features it heavily in her lastest cookbook.

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