Thursday, 27 October 2011

Compulsive weighing

I think I should make a new rule to go alongside my 'no cheese' rule. No compulsive weighing.  I have a habit of weighing myself probably about 10 times a day.  I kid you not.  Sadly, it has never had any bearing on my weight loss whatsoever. You would think it would provoke some positive action like "cor blimey I need to stop eating" or something along those lines but it does not.  I'm not really sure why I do it - I just do.

I weigh myself on the old fashioned dial type ones (I don't trust the digital ones - probably too accurate for my liking and I really don't need to know practically half my body is fat). I mostly jump on the scales in the morning and repeat about 5 times to see if the weight changes in anyway.  If I raise my feet slightly upwards it can reduce my weight by a good 5lbs. I will then repeat this process at bath time or just before bedtime. I will vow from this moment onwards to weigh myself once a week - next weigh in date is Monday 31st.

Food Diary

Breakfast:- Banana, some grapes, coffee with skimmed milk.
Lunch:- 2 x slices of wholemeal bread, slice of ham and yoghurt, cup of tea with skimmed milk.
Snack:- Banana, some grapes.
Dinner:- beef in sweet and sour sauce, basmati rice, yoghurt

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