Monday, 31 October 2011

1st Monday Weigh In

And I am pleased to report that I'm 3lbs down on my 1970's diet! I'll take that thank you very much.  I haven't lost a massive 7lbs like some ladies do when they get weighed in at their slimming club but then I have a theory as to why they lose that much in the first week.

When you know you're joining a slimming club, when you've decided "right next week I'm joining" you do have a tendency to eat as much as you can - like a pre-slimming club buffet.  I've done it myself - crammed every take-away known to man in the week leading up to joining e.g pizza, Indian, Chinese etc like I would never taste them ever again (erm yeah right!).  That, my friends, is why you find some ladies lose a whooping half a stone in their first week! 

I'm also not going to do this - go and eat lots of things I'm not meant to and start again properly tomorrow. Again, another bad habit that is formed by going to slimming clubs.  I have often celebrated a loss by thinking mmmm what can I eat today that I've missed the previous week? I have one friend who says without a trace of irony "weight watchers is the only thing that works for me" - she's signed up more times than I can remember.  May I suggest then that it doesn't work? The cynic in me would also go so far as to say that maybe, just maybe, its designed to make you keep on coming back.  It would really be no good would it if everyone that goes to slimming clubs lose the weight and never come back.  What are the figures on returning customers to these groups? Pretty, pretty high I would imagine.

I'm also feeling pretty smug that I have managed to lose weight during the school holidays - I figure I have lots of school holidays (normally there's no weight loss going on during this time) in my lifetime and I cannot afford to put on weight every time the kids are off. 

So onwards and upwards - I'm sure they'll be trouble ahead and I'm not getting too carried away but surely its a start?!

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