Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday Weigh In


-2lb. Go me. Although my belly is still huge but I definitely noticed the width of me has reduced in the hips and bum.  I'm thinking of joining a kettlebell class that is near me to mix it up a bit.  Last week, I only managed two jogs and I couldn't complete the 30 minutes that was required of me in my final week on C25K. I only managed 15 minutes and was exhausted. I jogged today (first time this week) and in the rain no less. I actually enjoyed running in the rain as I find the sun makes me even more tired.  Anyhow, I completed the 30 minutes!

Now it wasn't fast by any stretch of the imagination but I completed my goal of jogging without stopping.  I am going for a repeat performance tomorrow. I have improved on the food front but still could do so much better.  I hope that I can stay the same for next week as we are off to Marseille on Friday for a long weekend.

I needed a new lightweight jacket for the Spring/Summer as my parka for the school run doesn't quite cut it on a weekend break - I found this little number by Next which is idea and has a lovely cut to it.

I then thought I need a little day cross body bag and thought this was ideal. What do you think?

Its been another busy week on the school front - SATS preparations and tonight I headed up to my son's high school that he'll be attending in September. The next stage of parenting is about to commence - the high school years. Something tells me this will be the trickiest.  My son is really excited about moving on up and the facilities at this school are amazing.  So whilst I am excited to be going away sans children there is an awful lot to do before you go.  And to add to it my youngest came home poorly today from school and has been in bed since 5.30pm - wonderful timing!

I'm sorry this is a short blog post but see above! I shall sign off and return next week.

See you then!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Effing Endoscopy!

So, yesterday I had the lovely experience of an Endoscopy procedure down my throat. Now, prior to my information leaflet from the NHS, I was a tad apprehensive about having a 50cm tube rammed down my throat to have a good old poke around. The leaflet reassured me that it wouldn't be rammed down my throat. I would, in fact, be sedated. Not totally out of it, but enough out of it to not know much of what was going on. In fact, someone who had had the procedure, told me she couldn't remember a thing about it and was much nicer than having a tube up the other end.


In my best Del Boy boy 'chusty' voice - I was sent this new Breville 'perfect fit for Warburtons Bread' 4 slice toaster to review which is currently retailing on Amazon (a firm favorite for online shopping for me) for £55.96. The unique selling feature is that it toasts all the way to the top - so the white bit you can get with other toasters is gone.