Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I Need A Magic Wand!

Is what I said last week when I stepped on the scales at my local Glow Fit club. I mentioned during my last post that I was going to join this weigh in and exercise club franchise.  I liked the sound of it because 1) you pay for a workout and 2) you get weighed as well. Perfect. What wasn't so perfect was the number on the scales. I was quite shocked as they were a tad different to my trusted bathroom scales.  I actually laughed when she handed it back to me! I turned to my class mate (we know each other via my kids old school and had decided to try it out together) and wailed "have you got a magic wand?!"

Fast forward a week later and I'm slimmer of the week. Get me. Got a certificate and everything. Although I held back on a speech like the lady did last week. Nothing like a short sharp shock to kick start my lard arse into action.  Kick Xmas excesses way back into 2015 and beyond. Yup, I followed their healthy eating suggestions (more of which later) and subsequently lost a whopping 6lbs.

Now, admittedly when we turned up to this club we were a bit "Jesus we're the youngest here" which was quite apt given that it was in a methodist church hall. Bearing in mind I'm 42 and my glow fit pal is 45 this was no mean feat. They were a friendly bunch, albeit rather old, and showed us the toilets and introduced themselves. One proceeded to tell us how, with other diets she'd lost 2 stone, 1 stone etc and put it all back on however with this club she had lost 2 stone. Great I thought. But she continued. No don't continue stop right there with your success story I don't want to hear....she continued. "Well I stopped it over Xmas and what with friends and family coming around I put on 7lbs and then after that I put on a 1lb and last week it was 2lb". Please STOP!! The initial teaser was of a success story but quickly descended into a horror story. That's the one thing I hate about women all together in a room trying to lose weight - they tell you about all the things they shouldn't have eaten followed by all the child talk of "being good" or "being bad". I quickly shut out from the noise. Stay focused Tash. Ignore. Stay focused.

Before I go on, I should explain this isn't like Slimming World or Weight Watchers where you're allowed crap as long as you don't go over your allowance of crap. They just recommend basic shit really. Eat wholemeal bread instead of white, switch to brown rice instead of white, avoid white carbs after 6pm i.e potatoes, pasta and rice. Watch your portion size and the composition of your plate and percentage of food intake of each meal. Snack on nuts or fruit. Have greek yoghurt, feta and halloumi cheese (which I love) and  drink lots of water. It doesn't say, funnily enough, eat some biscuits, cakes or chocolates. Eat well (or as some call it clean) for 80% of the time and if you are out etc that would be your 20%. It makes the point that if you do that your weight loss will be slower. Well I ate clean for 100% of the time. I didn't have any 'treats' and whilst I have felt a bit hungry I haven't had raging headaches or felt tired. I feel good.

I have had branflakes and yoghurt for breakfast, wholemeal pitta with chicken and salad leaves followed by berries (like raspberry, blackberry and blueberries) with greek yoghurt for lunch and our family meal of an evening i.e shepherds pie but with sweet potatoes instead, same for fish pie and tomorrow roast chicken with parsnip and sweet potato.

Now, turning to the exercise class. It's not a challenging workout it has to be said. Although you can up the tempo for yourself I've sweated more. Having said this it was probably perfect for us to get back into exercise. There is actually a sweet old woman who sits on a chair at the back doing the exercise! We're going to try out a different one tomorrow to see how that one is. There are lots of classes to chose from at any rate and my friend said the clubbercise was great fun.

As I felt I might need to work a tad harder, I actually cycled to the class this morning 3 miles there and 3 miles back. Given that I have a club ride with my son of 15 miles on Sunday I thought I better dust down the bike.

There's a little talk at the beginning - last week it was on making your veg look appealing i.e making courgette's look like spaghetti. I say just chop up some courgettes you don't need to start faffing just to make it more appealing. People say oh but it gets boring but then so is being overweight. Chose your boring as the quote above suggests on being overweight.  I don't normally indulge in all that trite inspirational bullshit but I quite liked this one.

Today's chat was on heart disease and how its a bigger killer than cancer.  After I received my slimmer of the week certificate - the same lady joked "do you eat anything last week?" Another congratulated me on my weight loss.

Until next weeks entertainment!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Saturday Chit Chat

Well I haven't done one of these for a while. As ever, I have been meaning to write all week - but like the week and January it has flown by.  We seem to be hurtling into 2016 - it only seem a few weeks ago my eldest started secondary and yet he's completed 5 months of Year 7 already.

So how are the jeans fitting everyone? Mine are still on the tight need a shoe horn side. Although I have nearly lost all my Xmas gain - a whopping 7lb.  I've also nearly completed the 8 week PIYO dvd which I have spoken about in previous posts.  I will most certainly do it again as I've liked making the time to do it and have seen an improvement in my flexibility and general well being. My favourite session is "sweat" - its a combination of lots challenging moves but in particular - planks, push ups, lunges and warrior poses. 

To cover up my Xmas excess I treated myself (any excuse) to a gorgeous cape from Cocoon Luxury Wear. I didn't get it for free like some other bloggers - namely fashion bloggers - who got their hands on a free one but little old me got one in the sale. Sadly, its a tad too cold to wear it at the moment but it shall be making an outing once it gets a bit warmer.  

So continuing on with getting fitter and healthier in 2016 - I have decided to try out Glow Fit.  Its basically an exercise class with a weigh in. I really like the sound of it and have sent my local group and email to ask a few questions. As I understand it, you pay £24 a month, no joining fee and can attend as many fitness classes as you like. So there is a kettlebell class, aerobics and High Intensity workout which I can fit in during the week. But the best part of all, asides from the exercise, you can get weighed to keep track of your progress. There is no food plan to follow - only the normal sensible suggestions.  I think it could be right up my street.  I did even contemplate joining Slimming World but I know you just pay the money and leave - who stays for the meetings? Also a friend goes who said the consultant is overweight.  I remember that same consultant from many years ago who was overweight then.  I really think that says it all don't you?  It clearly doesn't work in the long term.

Anyhow, that's my brief update and will be back soon to let you know how I get on! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Top 5 Reasons NOT To Get An X-box One

Sorry to everyone in my world - bloggers,gamers, friends and everyone in between who merrily purchased an X-Box One this Christmas. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have an Xbox or similar device in their household. But not to be deterred, I shall begin my assault on this modern day box of "fun" because that is what I do best!

Before I really get my console going. The background to my loathing of the Xbox (please replace with any other console name) has been well documented in this post. In short my son became addicted and started to become a bit of an arse. The Xbox was unplugged, put in the loft and has remained there since February last year.

Thursday, 7 January 2016


From the other side! As Adele would sing. And yes I did purchase it although my husband once said "how many sad songs can a fat girl sing?" which isn't very nice but he's not a fan. I like Adele (more her than her music) and so does my daughter - she loves playing it on her new CD/Ipod docking station that we got her for Christmas. I like the more up beat track on the new album - water under the bridge. I've gone off onto a massive tangent as the other side I wanted to refer to was, of course, 2016.

How was it for you? Christmas and what not. We had a very enjoyable family break. Long, lazy lie-ins. We got up about 10.15 most days. My daughter was a tad earlier but still a respectable 9.15 am. I loved the lazy days and even the mess. Although I was still very busy leading up to Xmas - as most mums are - all the school plays, the gifts for the teachers, the wrapping oh lordy the wrapping! The final presents and trying to find the presents you hid. Every year I hide something in a safe place and without fail every year they never re-appear.  I did feel totally relaxed on the 27th when we visited my parents. I decided to plonk myself down only to get up for feeding and drinking times. We even managed a trip to the Science Museum which the kids loved. Although Buddy was getting tired after about 3 hours and my daughter was getting slightly bored at that point. There is so much to see - I could have happily stayed a few more hours. There's so much interaction and who'd have thought I'm a bit of an astronaut geek. I loved their cosmonauts exhibition. The only downside to the museum was that it was so hot in there.

Now as a bit of a London day out with the kids semi-pro - I always insist on light coats i.e light raincoats and layers no matter how cold it is out there. The trains, tubes, buses etc get very hot and there's nothing worse than the kids moaning about it.  But even with my semi-pro rules with raincoats off and only tops it was still too hot.  I came home with an awful migraine and took myself to bed for a few hours. Or maybe it was just the excitement of it all! Anyhow, I seemed to be much better after my dinner and washing up had been done for me.

Now turning to the important matter of weight.  I have to say I have been mighty impressed with myself up to recently on my dedication to my PIYO workouts. As you can see from above,  But now since the kids have gone back to school - I'm 4 workouts behind. I even took my youngest two to breakfast club this morning so that I could gain an extra hour. Instead, I did a mass clean and ended up not having time!

But asides from that I am now on week 6 of the 8 week programme and I really love it.  I had to miss 2 workouts from being sick and 2 through no time.  Having said this, I still put on 7lbs over Christmas.

All the goodies are more or less gone, I'm back in the zone and here's to cracking it in 2016!

See you shortly

Saturday, 19 December 2015

It's Oh So Quiet

When your child starts secondary school. You can practically see the tumbleweed whistling past you on a daily basis, much like that person (you all know someone like this) who says something in a group setting which provokes only one reaction. An eerie tumbleweed silence. Ofsted don't mention this now do they.

You see at primary school you have day to day contact whether you like it or not. You have texts, newsletters, noticeboards, mornings in the school, assemblies, workshops and face to face contact with your child's teacher, head teacher, PE teacher and anyone else with a school pass dangling from their neck.  Everyone knows everyone whether you like it or not.

So when your first born child goes off into the abyss that is secondary school its all a bit strange - all a bit weird. Now don't get me wrong there is some communication. You can contact the form tutor via email and get a reply - sometimes at 9.30 pm at night. I've had two newsletters, facebook/twitter feeds, a print out of my son's attitude to learning/merit points but I've never met any of his teachers. I don't get to wander into the school and ask a quick question. I have never met any of his form's parents - asides from the ones I know from his primary.  His parent's evening is in January - in primary its normally September for most schools. I'm looking forward to putting some faces to the names although his fantastic science teacher has now left. By all accounts this is quite common - teaching is in crisis nationwide. At primary - whilst teachers do come and go - I suspect it won't be at the frequency of secondary schools. One mum told me her son, at another school, has had 8 different English teachers. If that happened in primary they'd be a parental riot!

In any event, my son is fairly happy with the overall package with his secondary school. It is still early days. He was put in the wrong set for maths - he should be in the top set so that has been a bit frustrating but it has been rectified for next term. Hopefully, he'll get a different teacher as the one he has sounds bizarre and not that great. He loves all his other subjects especially French and science.

He had his first 'academy day' to HMS Belfast - again the whole set up is so different to primary. We received a list of fabulous days out to chose from - some free and some not. My son wanted to go to the science museum although now we know that you don't get to pick the free trips, hence his second visit to HMS Belfast in a year. It suddenly occurred to me a day or so prior to his trip, that these secondary teachers might not be so vigilant as primary school teachers. I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to be these teacher's parent.

Given that lots of pupils travel to secondary school the teachers could reasonably expect them to keep up and not get lost. I had to order an oyster card for my son - which he never uses as we can walk everywhere.

At primary, the teaching staff are generally parents themselves, have multiply risk assessments when taking the children anywhere i.e high vis jackets, wrist bands with the school number, medication etc etc so the likelihood of a child getting lost is nominal.  With that in mind, I told my son to stay alert and not be a tit in a trance like he normally is. Pay attention. I also told him how to get back from London Bridge should the need arise to which he replied "yeah I haven't really understood any of that".  Thankfully, my less than street wise son did come back in one piece and managed to text (yes text) me on the way back saying he'd had a great time.  See what I mean. Its the abyss I tell you.

Oh and another thing - I now get the whole "why don't they wear their coats" secondary thing. I'll tell you why because its a bloody pain irrespective of whether its freezing or not.  Although my son only has a 4 minute walk to his school - on cold days I'd much prefer him to wear it. He, having been an avid coat wearer, would rather not. Its not because he has no blood - its because he doesn't want to cart his heavy parka around to each lesson. Its because I won't be best pleased if it gets lost. That's another abyss - lost property - if they don't come home with it you ain't never seeing it again. But probably the main contender of  #coatgate is that he needs to put it in his form room locker. This room is then locked so to retrieve said coat he needs to get a member of staff. So there you have it - our children do have blood and they also have the good sense to think this is a lot of faffing that I can do without.

In other news, I have completed 3 weeks of my PIYO dvd and I love it! This means that in 21 days I have worked out for 18 days! Wow. I seriously recommend it and will write more about it after Xmas. I've already seen in difference in my stomach, my metabolism and I lost 2lb last week. Although that now means all my gains around my birthday have been lost but if it continues beyond next week I will properly be in a deficit.

Until next time...