Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Top Tips for Travelling to France by Car

Whilst this guide is written with families in mind, in particular, my friend who is travelling for the first time - I feel it's applicable to anyone wishing to have a road trip this year. 

We have been travelling to France since our eldest was 6 (he's now 11), my youngest 4 and Buddy who was 3 months old on his first European holiday.  I have flown before when our eldest was 18 months old which was a horrific experience which I've written about in this post. I still cannot talk about it. It still haunts us some 10 years on! This blog post also details our very first trip to Brittany, France and how we totally under estimated the sheer size of the country compared to the UK.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Chit Chat

Well, well, well  - I have worked out 4 x this week!  I ran on Monday (not a great one - see previous post on that one), Wednesday I was on fire running without stopping for 25 minutes for 2 miles and Friday it was 2.5 miles. I now know I have to run 4 laps of the park at the bottom of my road to make it to 3 miles.  To finish it off, I attended a different boot camp today at 9 am, on the green near where I live.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday and The Chimp Weigh In

-1lb. Which is not good enough!  I have taken action. No more procrastinating. Enter The Chimp Paradox. You may remember that I read this book and took some good points from it and then....promptly forgot it all. Well today, whilst writing down my food intake (yes have belatedly started to fill in my fitness pal since yesterday), I noticed I had made quite a few notes and how to get myself into the high performance machine that I once used to be - like 12 years ago.  I'm vintage don't you know. Actually I was never a high performance machine although I did swim 5 x a week and after my second child I worked out 4 x so maybe I was. Yes, actually I was a high performance machine.  Back to it.