Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ebay Buyer Rant and Weigh In!

A double bill today for you all folks. Urgh 1lb on!! I haven't ran for two weeks following on from the sickness bug in our house. I feel much better and hope to get back on the running train for Friday. I'm sorting out a new playlist and everything. Proper hardcore! As you can see from my beautiful scrawl above - I have logged all my food etc religiously since I stepped up my attitude and mojo. The week I was ill  I didn't log my food. See below

Monday, 22 June 2015

Dying to Run?

Come on I know you want to give it a try!  If I can run anyone can.  Well, if you want to try a run with a difference then might I suggest a Run or Dye event.  A run with a difference - no mud and various obstacles - just lots of colour!

As you may remember, Kat wrote an excellent guest post on her experience of a Run or Dye event last year. You can read all out her experience here.

This event is 5km so 3.1 miles in old money.  Whilst running, jogging or walking you are showered with eco friendly colourful dye at every kilometer!  Kat suggests wearing a white t-shirt to really show off your running rainbow.

And if all that wasn't an incentive enough - here's £3 off for all my readers - just enter this code KISDISCOUNT when you book on line to claim your discount. I see that my all time favourite place to visit with the kids, Hever Castle, is hosting an event in October. What a fabulous location - let's hope Anne Boylen doesn't come chasing after you all!

I have been provided a discount code by Run or Dye to share with my readers.  I have also been given a free entry ticket to participate in one of their races. All opinions and views are entirely honest as you would come to expect from The 1970s Diet.  

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday Chit Chat

I'm nearly back! Oh my goodness, what a week! Its been another sick week in The 1970s Diet household. I cannot quite believe the amount my little Buddy has been sick since he joined Reception.  Last Wednesday he threw up so I kept him off school on the Thursday - he went back on the Friday. On Saturday we went to Hever Castle for their 1940s weekend event which was very good, however, Buddy threw up about 4 times during the day which cut our day out a little short.  He was still a bit weak by Sunday but right as rain on Monday.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I Can Talk About It

This clip pretty much sums up my reaction to the General Election.

Was pretty much the month of May. I can honestly say it took me about two weeks to lift my spirits after the General Election.  I can happily report to you dear readers that I can now talk about it. My fellow blogger Sonya over at writes a political round up for Britmums every month but I just couldn't even write about the election. It was that bad. I can normally churn out a political rant faster than any other post - being able to type 120 wpm helps - but my political mojo had just died in the month of May. I couldn't even write for her round up for the month of June so maybe this might make July's edition.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wicked Games

Remember that tune? How old am I saying tune. You know that wonderful song with Chris Isaak and the accompanying stunning video with Helena Christensen chewing her fingernails whilst straddling The Isaak. That track has been pimped up on my new 'running songs for 2015' album.  I've invested in some new material on my ipod, as last Saturday The Stone Roses weren't exactly conducive to a quick run - in fact, I ran my slowest although I did climb my highest. That's the thing with running it takes from one hand and gives with another. You can run your fastest but slowest distance, run your slowest but run your furthest distance and so on.